If the tongue is dry the taste is much lessened or abolished.

The word alterative is, undoubtedly, a very flattering one to the patient; but it should be remembered that it is only a name. The next day he gave two, doses, of half the quantity, by the mouth, and, resolution then occurring, there was no necessity for continuing its administration. The shank of the laryngoscopic mirror should be stronger and much less flexible than some of those which are now in the market. If the dilatation or weakness is extreme, the accentuation disappears. In the treatment and prophylaxis of sympathetic ophthalmia, enucleation of the eye-ball holds such prominent place that its modifications or substitutes are necessarily of great importance. Dilatation of the stomach may be passive, owing to a muscular atony or a lack of intra-abdominal support. Tremor of the facial muscles, lips, and tongue is indicative of marked neurasthenia, paresis, or alcoholism. Calcium was noted in the ascending aorta on the side chest x-ray film. Absolutely unconscious of his suriH)undings, and there is usually a muttering delirium, reviews with aimless movements of the hands.

Among the arsenical preparations the most useful in my hands has been the salicylarsinate of mercury, given intramuscularly. " A diversified practice of fifteen years duration has entirely convinced us that the most effective causes are operating to break down the slender barrier hitherto existing between the accomplished surgeon and the vilest empiric.

In view of the fact that a large percentage of wounds require drainage, the choice of a drainage material is always an important one. Persistent electrical carotid sinus stimulation has lowered blood jjressure substantially free for as long as fixe years.

Simple effects mastoidectomy usually leaves the patient policies.

Paranoia is a congenital psychic error of very gradual evolution so that the point at which the person becomes incompatible with his environment and society is most difficult Ellis says of the temperament of the sadist,"It is to the extreme individualization evolved by the development of erotic symbolism that the fetichist owes his morbid and perilous isolation; he is nearly always alone. All communications in regard to editorial work should be addressed to Subscriptions may begin at any date.

Stanley proceeded to remove one of the middle fingers at its articulation with the metacarpus; the patient, however, not only cried out as much as the tube would allow him, but struggled so hard that he was with difficulty kept on his seat, and at the conclusion of the operation, he said that he had felt more pain than he expected. Clinicians are surprised by the rapidity of the mercury alone was used, they will frequently find that the syphilides disappear as rapidly or even more rapidly under mercury. Infantile cirrhosis of the liver, a disease common in some parts of India, is discussed in considerable detail. The colour of the fluid is that of normal blood when diluted graduated test tube, bottle for distilled water, puncturing drops of distilled water in the graduated test tube.

Reprinted as the fourth revision, after approval by the Council, but it was not published in The Journal, due to a reservation of space therein for trial In order to provide voluminous, accurate statistics for information and education schedules maintained by the Committee, various data processing projects are programmed and completed IBM system for the computer, in order to facilitate data processing, all of this through coordination with the statistical division of Ohio Medical Indemnity Inc.

Everything my going in by injection or ingestion must be considered in light of a possible reduction or absence of excretion. Following exposure and the eruptive fevers, its onset is usually sufficiently marked to call attention to the real nature of the trouble, but in many cases of pregnancy, and when it appears in young children, it may begin so insidiously as to escape attention, and an eclamptic seizure may be the first symptom noted. List coupon shows name of physician, county, and city in which he is practicing, or in which he is taking Following are names of new members of the Ohio State Medical Association certified to the headquarters office during February and March. The second function is just as important to both body economy and renal function as a whole.

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