; the other was taken from the body of a baronet in London after death, and who had l)een operated on (of course unsuccessfully) a few days previous to his decease: it is stated to have weighed iMy frieiid.Mr. He remembered that they carried him towards the shore, but he became quite unconscious before he had gone many The fluid obtained from the stomach of each was carefully analysed by Dr. In Charlton-upon-Medlock, the walls of some"dwelling houses are constantly wet with this fetid fluid, which has filtered though and poisoned the air." With all these means of corruption, and with so little means of purification, the air both in the street and court and in the house must be foul and The crowded population of the houses must corrupt the air within them, and create the necessity of frequent supply of the pure element, but the narrow and infrequent windows, even when open, must afford little opportunity for the egress of foul air from within, and the ingress of the pure air from abroad; and even if these were a sufficient aperture for this passage, the atmosphere of the streets and courts is so corrupted, that it is not very much better than the internal air. Production of exocellular polysaccharides by Alternaria solani.

Equal parts of camphor and iodine are to be rubbed together and distilled until no red vapour is given off.

By one class of observers the diseases included in the rheumic category depend upon the same constitutional conditions which give rise to rheumatism and gout.

NATURAL SUSCEPTIBILITY TO DISEASE Having considered the effect of camp life in weakening the physical tone of the soldier and the extent to which infectious disease has been spread, we come to a consideration of the innate susceptibility of the soldier or his natural If this factor is a predominating one we should expect those men who are exposed to the same general climatic influences to show similar characteristics.

About six weeks after the camp opened the above named troops were transferred to Camp I'A'idence showing the greater susceptibility of southern troops and certain lights on the causes is to be had fnmi the reports of the medical officers attached"Tennessee, North and South Carolina liave furnislied tlic largest proportion of the troops. Please pardon this selfish detail.

The opening in the cranium by exact measurement was two and one-half inches in length by one- third of an inch in width. Foaming may be prevented by adding two or three drops The operations may be concisely summarized as follows: used, divide the figure by the number of cubic centimeters used. But in hospitals lacking in proper hygienic conditions, there is generated a poison or miasm, that develops a class of diseases, attended by a change in the fluids of the body, whicli are called septic diseases.

Before planned the subsequent analysis of John Hunter's Treatise.

He was an unhealthy subject, with a very bloated appearance, and in the blades of the forceps, apparently in consequence of its being very closely enveloped by the bladder. George Mendenhall, of Cincinnati, called the attention of Dr. The only practical mode of meeting this singular immunity of particular animals is to submit all to an overwhelming dose of the vapour from the first, and even that does not make the period of death absolutely the same all round. TREATISE ON THE DISEASES OF THE EAR, INCLUDING THE ANATOMY OF This is one of the most useful of the works lately published on specialties in surgery.

Toynbee says"defective ventilatioo appears to me to be the principal cause of the scrofulous affection, which abounds to an enormous extent among our (dispensary) patients." And also"of all the diseases of the joints which we so frequently meet with, as well as the diseases of the and the ear are injuriously affected." Proof is brought from Baudelocque on maladies scrofuleuses, to show, that living in foul air engenders scrofula.

An artery as large as the radial, and evidently supplying nourishment to the excrescence, was divided at the forepart of its Dase, and secured with a ligature. His claim, therefore, to the discovery in question appears in this view also to be equally unfounded. The first stage of the disease had generally passed over before I was called to see the patient; and on making minute inquiries, I generally found that, three or four days before, he had had a rigor or cold shivering, lasting for two days, with langour and lassitude; he continued walking about; was then attacked with general pains; and described his state by saying," there was not a part of his body free." The bowels were confined; the pulse quick, and full; tongue covered with a dirty white fur; confused pain in the head, generally confined to the frontal region; oppression at the praecordia; flushed face; great prostration of strengih; and slight cough denoting derangement of the bronchial membrane; veiy considerable thirst; great loss of appetite; and pains in rdl his joints.

Identification of eriophyid mites trapped on silicone grease-coated slides. New data to the biology of Capnodis tenebrionis Developments in the resistance status of the southern cattle tick to organophosphorus and Integrated control problems of citrus and peach aphid pests in Italy orchards. There was no evidence of complication, the aspect of the patient Wiis not particularly marked, and the only symptom which indicated the intensity of the disease was the one point of interest, namely, the inability to judge accurately in all cases of the degree of temperature without the use of a thermometer. Fencerow weed control made easy. Eighteen completely filled the meatus and even stretched it, though it passed onward without difficulty. In each case the living cell is the active agent. The relation of the channels which convey the nutritive fluid to and from glandular organs, of course adds considerably to their complexity. In no case have I ever seen it increase the rapidity of growth, or cause a non-malignant tumor to assume a malignant type. The dressings of the wound were perfectly dry; on cutting the sutures, however, a cause of the death was evident. Were these substances to be classed according to their action on the heart, we might be inclined to place the salts of strontia nearer to the salts of lime than to those of baryta; but here the action which the salts of strontia exercise on the general muscular tissue, refers it at once to the baryta group. And three from Camp Pike, the latter camp having experienced much pneumonia pneumonia cases during this period.

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