If it is a fibrous tumour, on being reached it will offer a considerable amount of resistance to the passage of the needle, which, when withdrawn, shows no sign of having encountered either pus Fibrous tumours are to be removed by means of the knife, and the wound allowed to heal in the ordinary way. But this table brings out a more curious result, for it sliows that the insular districts, whose population is rapidly declining, had a slightly higher proportion of chiklren than the towns, thougli the latter are increasing at a very rapid ratio. From observing that in every case, the mucous tissues, from the very commencement of the attack, bore the principal onus of the disease, Dr. If such be the case, there is certainly, then, a large number in the whole Commonwealth. Under these circumstances, I think the privilege might be accorded to medical staff officers. Half its terrors are shorn away. He failed to obtain it with the semen of the lower animals, or with extracts of various human organs. All matter that is w'atery, white, of a pale green or red, or frothy and vifcous, is bad. For small, trifling bums or scalds which do not blister I it is of slight moment what remedy is applied. Too many facts are before us, and many others might be adduced, to imagination has indeed wrought many wonderful and important changes in the nervous and vascular systems, independent of those medicines which are considered specifics.

Carbolic add salve has caused gangrene of a finger in many a case of i simple cut or abrasion, and bichlorid of mercury actually f favors infection if used for any length of time.

Along the right border and at the apex, it was free. By these measures steadily pursued for some days, the number of movements was reduced to four and five in twenty-four hours, less than half the number commonly occurring at and before the period of admission.

It is now sufficiently ascertained that little danger is to be apprehended in the free removal of such tumours with the scalpel. Williams discusses fully the entire subject, and gives his reasons for including various supposed diseases of pregnancy among the toxaemias. In many cases error is easy;, we ought to suspend diagnosis till after some days' examination. The next morning, the magistrate requestei me to examined, deposed that he first saw the woman leaning agamst some railings; that as he approached her she cried out, and fell down in what appeared to him to be a fit. Demollins, of Marseilles, also remarked that in every instance the plague was brought to that city by merchandize, or by persons from beyond sea. This case is therefore interesting also, as it seems well adapted, course of chronic pulmonary phthisis, in many instances in which it does not directly induce death, depends on similar ruptures of small vessels in small cavities with insufficient outlets, as I described in my former essay. The faculty of our foul, thought, or idea, can perceive, contemplate, and unite itfelf to, any object, prefent or diftant, vifible or invifible. Quapropter herus ipsius pluribus Medicis convocatis, inter quos ego quoque eram, deliberare super curatione pueri motus, nemo affectum os excidere audebat- quippe arbitrabantur thoracis perforationem necessario futuram. The points of distinction between the two diseases will be more fully given while treating of croupous laiyngitis. In addition to the tearing of the ligaments, the intervertebral disc is usually split, so that one half of it adheres to each of the vertebrae implicated; this lesion distinguishing a diastasis from a dislocation, in which the disc adheres to one vertebra or the other, The cord is, as a rule, seriously damaged, being softened to a greater or less depth, and in many cases transformed into a red pulp. An empyema affedling both ffdes of the thorax is more dan'ierous than tliat which fymptoms, fainting, palpitation of the heart, a feeniing madnefs, a funk and irregular pulfe, watery eyes, and a dejedted countenance, with a dry black tongue. Tiie right auricle was uncommonly prominent and rounded, and of particularly purplish-red colour, much darker than the rest of the heart. We should all be thankful for small mercies; but we have misgivings about the results which are likely to follow the placing of the worthy old Cow-pock Institution under the control of the Irish Local Government Board.

Wright's paper on the Reunion of Fractured Bones is copied into the London Medical and Physical Journal, and reviewed in the London Medical and Dr. The patient states his paternal grandmother was" very nervous," and that his father and liis deceased sister were" nervous," and had shaking of their hands.

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