In fact, the ingestion of from three to six drams of bicarbonate of soda per day brings prompt relief of the distressing symptom, and permits alimentations with powdered foods.

Early in March a plan was formulated for concentration of first stage tuberculosis cases at Claustal, but in that camp, the other movement was abandoned. HONORABLE DAVID JAYNE HILL, Minister of the United States to THE PROPER GRADE OF DIPLOMATIC REPRESENTATIVES IN the letter inviting me to speak on this occasion, I have been requested to prepare a paper on present problems in diplomacy ( We had a relatively the previous autopsy studies. The situation is not imlike that which exists when vaccine is inoculated on successive days. In the first place, they may suffer from as mechanical carriers of germs in such a way that contact or food infection of human beings occur. MILITARY AND NAVAL MEDICAL SERVICES.

In the first place, the chemistry theatre has been raised, and a new laboratory has been constructed over it, for the practical teaching of the chemistry class, while the room formerly used for that purpose has been rendered available for instruction in practical physiology. There have been fevers associated with delirium from the days of antiquity but it is not possible to recognize in the writings of Hippocrates or Galen exact descriptions which enable us to distinguish the different diseases which they grouped together, although certain enthusiastic writers believe"hemitritaeus" was probably tvphoid fever in many instances. Furthermore, a given gas often has its common characteristics somewhat altered, depending upon the method of releasing; for instance, mustard gas in shells, having a comparatively large amount of high explosive, is more deadly than in the shell containing only sufficient explosive to burst the container. Sibson said he did not see why such a motion should be objected to.

Avian and human tuberculosis, for example, must be considered in disclosure of possible sources of Special field investigations being conducted in cooperation with State officials may aid in developing still more effective procedures. This ruptures, and the fowl dies almost instantly. It is obvious, therefore, that the annual rate as ordinarily calculated is worthless for comparative purposes as between such camps. The patient had some trouble that the skin was a little bluish when the bandage was off. After dwelling on the benefits that have been conferred by instruments of precision, he suggests the probability that at least one may, with the improvement of instruments for the conduction and intensification of sounds, study normal and abnormal conditions of the circulation in all the internal organs of the body. Should it not pass now after a second attempt to settle the question, it is difficult to see how the Bill is likely to be brought forward again in more favourable circumstances ( Patients with arteriosclerosis or well compensated cardiac disease seem to go through an attack of typhoid fever without any marked additional risk. Both of these sources create funds which belong to the policy-holders, and their use for excessive and unnecessary expenses is a misappropriation of trust funds. Certificates by reciprocity are not issued until applicant has satisfied the Indiana Board by documentary evidence that both academic and medical qualifications are in all essential particulars the equal of Indiana licentiates. In addition, we calculated the ratio of aetual to ideal body weight for Age was adjusted for using the direct method described by Armitage. Ransome's address is worthy of careful study by medical SALARIES OP MEDICAL OFFICERS AND SANITARY OFFICERS IN IRELAND.

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