The wound is opened with a probe as freely as desired, wiped dry, and drainage inserted if any of the clot remains. The balance of the volume is given to articles on vital statistics; marine hygiene; military hygiene; disposal of the dead; and the medical officer of health. The second occurs opposite to the point struck, and he offered no explanation for it, except the comparison of fractures caused by the spinal column to the manner in which the handle is driven into the head of a hammer by striking the remote end of the handle against some resisting body. T have no wish that he should spare me: let him use his best endeavours: he requires them. The survey of honorable records and achievements supplied by the history of the College of Physicians and Surgeons is full of hope and encouragement for all of us interested in its welfare. Gregory has given a very old idea a new name. It is the field, of Shakespeare, of Milton, and of Dante.

Applied Methods of Scientific Management. It was only the discovery of the doughy induration along the line of the colon in an otherwise exceedingly flat abdomen that lead to the correct diagnosis, and this was fallen upon almost by accident, or perhaps instinct, in the course of a search for some explanation of the exceedingly puzzling and alarming condition. We thus find that Baruch discusses water in the treatment of typhoid fever, measles, scarlatina, pneumonia, enterocolitis, Asiatic cholera, sunstroke, anaemia and chlorosis, phthisis, diabetes, malarial diseases, neurasthenia, neuralgia, hysteria, rheumatism and gout, dyspepsia, and insanity. Nous ne savons pas la date exacte de sa mort, parvenir pour en prendre copie sous peine d'excommimication: Dudum quondam magister ArnalduB de Villanova, clericus Valentine diocesis, apostolice dignitatis, se valde utilem librum de medicine practica compilasse quem nobis frequenter dare promisit Cum igitur dictus Magister Arnaldus Pour les innombrables oeuvres d' Arnauld de Villeneuve nous renvoyons reste de lui le manuscrit suivant: de: Glosule Cardinalis de Montepessulano super aphorismos Ypocratis, On trouve une recette de magister Cardinalis dans le manuscrit de la pour d'autres il se contenta d'agir minis et terroribus. "The Golden Lady Restaurant," Valerie Thomas, Tina Maxwell, Wanda Rayfield, Artie Rayfield, The Bradley Family, Tony Solomon, Sherian Hopkins, April McClain, Pat Hopkins, Mike Hopkins, Joyce White We have seen you grow up to become a Love, Mom, Dad, Abel, andllibby A dream is a vision borne by the soul, fueled by the heart, and achieved by the man. Had on a large, grave, decent, three-tailed wig; His clothes full-trimmed, with button-holes behind, Stiff were the skirts, with buckram stoutly lined; The cloth-cut velvet, or more reverend black. In the acute cases diagnosis presents fewer difficulties, but of chronic abdominal diseases and especially of tumours, the diagnosis, in spite of every test, is often possible only on the operating table. The sequestra lie in large bone cavities whose walls are very dense.

Ibi ejus opera pervolvenda sesse auferunt. I am anxious to express distinctly, and once for all, what I" After iiaving verified stethoscopic observations by dissection in many hundred instances; been in intimate relations with stethoscopists, good, bad, and indifferent, in this country and abroad during a period of nearly'iO years, I am satisfied tliat any one who depends on the stethoscope alone, to the neglect of general symptoms, will commit serious errors in diagnosis. On a contrivance for draining the thorax of liquids, excluding at the same time the admission Carlyon, Mr. Hoc etiam dicit valde timeo ne ille error per Universum spergatur orbem et propter hoc quia ego ista vel fibula vel omamentum que portant mulieres in marginibus suanun tunicarum, et per fimbriam intelligit librum istum, quam scilicet fimbriam error mentis non est dignus tangere. It is, therefore, advisable to place in the fixing solution the tissue spread out in the way it is to be mounted for one day, and then to remove with gloves and carefully cut to the desired shape and size.

While other agents have been used for injection in certain neuralgias, my results have been universally satisfactory with chloroform.

The annual dinner will be served. CM for free report erahnuitm KayScmbn, FT, OCS, Cmrt MoT, Owrmr Km VnoomoK, FT. In other words, the iliac S of the French. The smallpox campaign really shows the most striking results, although the cholera work is worthy of some comment and of sincere congratulation to those engaged in its conduct.

I shall commence the present lecture with saying a few words respecting a liability of lunatics for their civil contracts. But I performed the operation with knife.

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