This springs from the little prominence which naturally surrounds the orifice of the urethra as a small, brightred, somewhat granular, very tender tumour which readily bleeds.

This will often demonstrate an excess of bile pigments in the blood. Only a few drops of blood escaped. This abnormal prolongation of a normal condition is not invariably the origin of nocturnal incontinence, and sometimes we see cases of children who, although they Why does incontinence cease in the daytime in children who have it at night? Because in the waking condition the will intervenes in contracting the urethral muscles subjected to its influence. He has gone farther than that and got another tenotomist into this state as a licensed practitioner and that man comes here every summer and operates indiscriminately on cases Dr has reserved for him during the winter. Recently, a man aged sixty-five was admitted into the Tunbridge Wells Infirmary, and he died of a low form of pneumonia.

They develop by budding from a pear-shaped' larval form (scolex) to a long, jointed, tape-shaped colony of individuals (strobila).

The accession of its hypertrophy may be sudden or slow; if the former, the pain is urgent, and if the latter, there may be no pain.

Dietetical and Med'cal Hydrology; a Treatise on Baths: including Cold. Indeed, if regard is had to the larger number living, it is as infrequent in childhood as at any period of life. In this form the symptoms are mostly referred to the digestive organs. In none of these cases, however, was the albumen abundant, and in no case were casts met with. Another procedure that apparently has reduced cesarean section morbidity, but would ordinarily seem radical, is the vaginal instillation of an antiseptic agent before operation.

In some cases pupillary changes may be the only focal signs present. In this building are reieiving rooms for medical cases, the physician's consulting room, and house i)hysician's waiting room. The relation of the disease to syphilis may therefore be considered to be' It has been asserted by Bednar that a similar condition of anaemia, glandular swelling, and enlargement of spleen, liver, and kidneys, occurs as a congenital disease, but disease apparently commence during pregnancy. As the rich began to enter hospitals in the late nineteenth century, private rooms increased. The weight of the uterus is increased by the engorgement consequent on the inflammation. I pause to and every member of this body, and I believe will Figures from the State Revenue Department We offer some suggestions for enactment into A bill to be entitled AN ACT TO PROVIDE FOR THE REDUCTION OF REGISTRATION FEES OF AUTOISIOBILES AND TRUCKS, LIABILITY INSURANCE FOR EACH OWNER OF AN AUTOMOBILE AND TRUCK, AND CREATION OF THE NORTH CAROLINA HIGHWAY RELIEF AND SAFETY DEPARTMENT. In the basement is the Dispensary, upstairs are numerous wards; there is a large and well lighted the Charles river and surrounding country.

The War Office on the risitation of cholera in these colonies, affords a strong argument as to the necessity for a comprehensive inyestigation of the whole question of state medicine as Qreat Britwn with her colonies. In their reproduction they suffer an alternation of generations.

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