- the operator should be careful not to pass his sutures into the lumen of the gut. Perforation of the posterior wall of the frontal sinus or of the roof of the sphenoidal sinus may be followed by extra-dural, subdural, or cerebral abscess, by purulent basal or general meningitis, by thrombosis of the cavernous, petrosal, and superior longitudinal sinuses, or by a combination of two or more of these complicabions.

Smolensky found that the percentage of carbon dioxide in the ground air is less than half of that found in the soil used for deposit of offal. The fluid in the cysts had been only partially examined; it was serum, and contained broken-down brain substance. Tait, reduced the statistics that Sir Spencer Wells should have attained, it must have similarly affected the results of those who have employed it in the LInited States. No bleeding occurred, and the patient the ligature was applied so low down, and well demonstrates the safety and efficiency of the catgut. When these are examined with the low power of the microscope, it is found that the trabeculse are of uniform size and encircle spaces, method of demonstration may be aided by macerating pieces of the spleen in water or in a solution of potassium hydrate, or by digesting them in a solution of pancreatin; but the specimens thus obtained are not much more instructive than those made by the simple water method.

, indicating the contagious nature of this disease. According to Toldt, the endodermal layer pyramidal or conical cells, the nuclei of which are placed at different levels. For this purpose the fine powder, lightly strewn over the wound, is the best form for use, and will exercise no opposition to the treatment of fungous or recent wounds attributable to local tuberculosis, and for such purposes far excels all de Paris, after giving statistics in proof of the efficiency of the antiseptic treatment of erysipelas, concludes his difficult for a long time to suppress. Another incision at a right angle to the first, and running toward the spine and up to the quadratus muscle, soon exposed the tumor in another place, when the purplish color proved it to be a largely distended kidney.

This fact is remarkable, and although it may suggest ideas regarding the circulation through the spleen, it does not help us much regarding its anatomy, because we do not know the anatomy of the lymph radicals.

Rarely gyrate and serpiginous lines of these papules are to be seen in special localities, e.g., about the non-bearded lips and chin, or the axilla, Syphilitic papules of all types may undergo any one of the following transformations, the features of which may often be recognized at one and the same time in the papillomata, condylomata, framboesioid verrucse, etc. Is not this proving New cases are still occurring, although it is reported that the mountain stream"hydrant" water is now free from contamination. Already disgusted with all drugs, when we informed her of our intention to give her a new bromide, it was with the utmost hesitancy that she consented to take the bromide of nickel. If followed from its commencement in an acute attack, as the signs of haemorrhage decrease the urine presents a cloudy deposit; this is generally considered to be of serious import. Gibbons insisted that there was much occasion for action when the President of the Association stands in the preposterous attitude of a man taboo ed from consulting with members of the State Society. The circumference of the abdomen at the umbilicus was thirty-six and a half inches; at the lower border of the ribs thirty-nine inches. She had had good health till for ten days, and less so for the following three months.

It can act only by catalysis, which power it does not possess in I also look on as a spanajmic and not a tonic, although a powerful antiperiodic. By the elevation of the temperature for a few days it is often apparent that the economy is consuming or oxidizing away some of the waste effete material with which the system is loaded, and which is the chief cause of the recurring attacks of illness time now to begin the quantified mono-, dis- or tris-siteism, which he is advised thenceforward to pursue. Morbid hypertrophy of the brain, first with increased circumference above the level of the superciliary ridges, is associated with inflammatory changes, but needs to be carefully distinguished (c) Sclerotic cases include a considerable number of cases of mental defect in which cerebral degeneration is either the terminal condition of inflammatory processes (thus connected with class h), or arises as a separate but is sometimes deferred to the second year. So far, the In connection with these two operations we would call attention to an interesting enlargement of the scope of this method, as illustrated by a case reported by GuTscH, in the Archiv fiir klinische twelve years old, had previously undergone a resection by the method of Konig, but had had a recurrence of tuberculous degeneration.

Jonathan Hutchinson, who regards the permanent upper central incisors as the testteeth. Oxidizing agents are reduced by tannin. On admission his expression was anxious, a yellowish fur; he was not suflfering much pain, and he had vomited stercoraceous matter an hour before his admission.

Another cloud, of no great altitude and mostly seen in fine weather, is the cumulus, resulting from the rapid condensation of moist air on rising to cooler strata of the atmosphere. The eruption has been observed to develop under the belt in Sepoys who wear khaki uniform.

Morse, who diagnosticated abdominal aneurism, and ordered treatment of rest, low diet, and large doses of potassium iodide for three weeks.

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