The death of such a man, at the height of his fame, creates a vacancy in the ranks of the medical profession which it is diflficult to fill; and this Association has lost one of its brightest intellects and one of its loveliest characters.

Seven months previously the patient, while rising to leave his seat on the outside of an electric tramcar, was thrown by a sudden jerk of the car violently against the handrail, striking himself on the left side of the lower part of the chest and frac turing his seventh rib. Second, they are frequently more susceptible to the hypotensive effects of morphine. Published twice a month by the Medical Society of the State of New York. Probablv will have the ultimately dominant It is apparent that public opinion will be a vital factor in shaping the future pattern of medical care and the method of its distribution. Of an inherited disposition to the deposit of tubercle, is the small size of the lungs.

No further trouble occurred during the year or so that the patient remained under the observation of Dr.

The chapter on visual fields does not. This time there has been a progressive mental enf eeblement, until now the patient is in a state of senile dementia. The husband remained in good health. He also exhibited a device for the protection of the line of sutures in operative cases of a case of this comparatively rare disease, whidi was accompanied by a detailed pathological report of the specimen. The fact is, I now give it in a way that I believe tests its power much more fairly than the ordinary way in which it is administered; this is the plan recommended by Dr. The clinical features of chronic arterial insufficiency in the upper extremity are essentially identical to those of the lower extremity. They mention the fact that in Evans' and Gaisford's publication previouslv referred to. Again I repeated the operation of phlebotomy during the convulsion, allowing the blood to flow until the spasms relaxed and the struggles ceased, being governed more by the effect than the quantity of blood taken, which, however, was about another quart, besides, the bed was thoroughly sprinkled by the struggling of the patient.

Loiyestigations regarding the effect of short cireuiting on the functions of the stomach have given varying results. Fourteen patients had moderate or good results, with pain and muscle spasm almost completely relieved in from three to Eleven patients complained of side-effects, primarily of dizziness and lightheadedness immediately following the injection.

More rarely a bilateral neck dissection must be carried out. At present such a large proportion of tuberculous patients under treatment are getting some form of collapse therapy that hemorrhages are being prevented by the closure of cavities and are nothing like so common as in Most of us have heard "benefits" of medical ethics of one kind or another since the very beginning of our professional lives. The stii lant expectorants are often required, i when repeated emetics are indicated the decline of the disease a stimul should be combined; ammonia, or ammoniated tincture of valerian, maj added to the wine of ipecacuanha gi for this purpose; the tincture of lob may also be cautiously used as an adju but not if there be much obstructing se tions; senega is here of the greatest va over the sternal region may be decidedly either in large, repeated doses as an emetic, or in combination witli ammonia and squills as an expectorant; for tliis purpose, when the occasion arises, a grain of carbonate of ammonia with two or three minims of tincture of squills and a dessertspoonful of infusion of senega may be given every two or three hours, as prescribed by Dr.

I have seen two or three painful cases of this kind that make me always unwilling to begin its use, just as I am unwilling to begin tlie habitual use of opium in any chronic malady. Possibly the best modality to employ is the examination of the clinical case when the mortality occurs. The effects of insulin production eventually overwhelm the counterregulatory mechanism of the glucocorticoids.

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