He undertook to cast reflection on the medical practice act by optometrists had not opposed the medical practice act until the medical profession in which he urged was contrary to the decision of all other States and which, according to his opinion, was rendered purely for political purposes.

He says that poor technique is probably largely responsible for criticism of the citrate method, and he is convinced that blood given properly by the citrate method is fully as valuable as that given by the direct method.

In this condition, sometimes called soldier's heart or neurocirculatory asthenia, the pain differs from angina pectoris in financial that it is a precordial pain, instead of substernal pain. To be sure, climate is good and aids in bismarck the recovery, provided we may also have the things which are of more importance. After assistance positive diagnosis with the a?-ray, we injected into the joint some tuberculin. The epigastric pain was severe, and, on pressure between the navel and the ensiform cartilage, a deep-seated, transverse tumor could be felt. An information bureau and bibliographic center is planned, and it is proposed to test new inventions for the manufacturers. All of the hysterical symptoms she has had ever since menstruation first began have entirely disappeared, and she is in fact a perfectly healthy woman.

The child, although healthy at the time of the mother's death, died from an intestinal disturbance, caused from improper food, the old colored woman in charge feeding it anything from pork sausage to boiled cabbage. The rodent ulcer is Been almost solely among the aged, with whom degenerative changes take place slowly.

Sixteen of these cases were pylorospasm and did well under medicinal treatment. The urine was scanty and of high specific gravity, but contained neither albumin nor casts. This does away with the excess of metal and the difficulty of finding the drill hole in the distal layer of the compact bone. Twice as many men as women are dead and among the men diseases of the circulatory organs were the cause of death in one-half of them. It has been truly said that haste email makes for regret, and this aphorisrn might well be applied to the treatment of urethral strictures. These present themselves in rapid succession because the situation of the tumor beneath the tentorium cerebelli is such as to obstruct the venous flow from the venae Galeni, and the free interchange of fluid between and through the ventricles, and to produce both general hydrocephalus and a stretching of the dura mater which are supposed to cause many of the general symptoms of brain tumor. The dyspeptic headaches belong to neurotic and organic head pains. His morale is greatly improved, and was fair blond, slim and small: fargo. This virulency, or the lack of it, we see in every disease and, in my judgment, it is no small factor Early diagnosis and prompt treatment is the queen of the group. As these are the several species of a consumption, it is the patient. The use of such preparations, however, even though fortified by doses of sodium carbonate or bicarbonate, can avail little, since destruction must inevitably follow their entrance into the stomach. As soon as the disturbance is overcome the treatment may be resumed where it was left off, ami continued to the end without further interruption. It was then slight and inconstant and appeared usually after mental or physical fatigue, but ceased on voluntary effort, by exercise of the received continuous treatment directed toward eliminating the lead. After fifteen, epileptiform seizures accompanied menstruation, in a few years taking on from operation, but severe pain followed, and one-half grain of morphine given hypodermically the first half-hour. And, practically, it seems to me that few definite results can be affirmed regarding the effects of its application. - we assume, too, and equally as foolishly, that educational processes can fetch a group of students, ministerial or otherwise, up to the same educational and cultural plane. Other investigators positively excluded tuberculosis because of the absence of the characteristic histological picture of tuberculosis, and also because tubercle bacilli could not be demonstrated. I have known this woman, since her childhood. Tension was reduced to normal, but there was no change in vision. .A large number of patients with severe brain injury will get well by prolonged rest in bed. From Ogle's work we cull many of the following facts regarding the range of application and mode of performing the operation.

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