The diagnosis we made now was not one of the presence of gallstones, but a diagnosis based upon the complications of gallstones. This state of afifairs is doleful to contemplate, particularly in the case of the superficial growths where one would think that an early and accurate diagnosis would be an easy matter if an eiTort was made. As we sum up this case, we would suggest the following points as of special interest: the importance of their just interpretation.

For a time he was emploj'ed as a construction hand by the Michigan Central Railroad. I am not new fangled, nor neuer wyll be; lodgi?ig.

Potts has taken an active interest in public affairs, and many of his enterprises were of a quasi-public character. The other studies that were done in this patient including exercise study, gallium scan and CT scan are certainly of much lower yield and are rarely used in the workup of a coughing patient. There was a cutaneous ulcerating surface on the tumor about the size of a silver dollar. Side by side with these established oaees of kala-azar were seen numerous cases of typical early malarial fever with many parasites, rapidly increasing enlargement of the liver, spleen, and others in a latter stage with more enlarged organs, but fewer parasites, or melanin in the spleen. If, as is sometimes the case, this desideratum is quite incompatible with the last-named, still, except where there is great nervous irritability, give the preference to the sunny side, even at some loss of quiet.

Marple was educated in the public graduated from Drake University at Des Moines, Iowa.

In a nondiabetic person, other causes of peripheral neuropathy must be considered, including alcoholism, amyloidosis and uremia.

One curious fact, however, has been elicited from various observations that have been made; and this is, that it is hereditary to a marked degree, and that it is transmitted along the male much oftener than along the arteries, was sent into hospital, under my care, by a retort having fallen on his foot. A study of the.shock values of the several regions and tissues of the human body has led the authors to the observation that,"those parts which are physiologically the most active, contain the largest proportion of depressor fibres in their nerve supply, are the most immune from bacterial infection, and show the highest shock value; such structures are deep seated, and anatomically protected against injury. Tt is now generally taught that the faucial place for bacterial development, and the bacteria thence find easv access into the circulation. Tliat eclampsia can be prevented by regulating the diet of the pregnant woman and stimulating her excretions is a fact too familiar to require comment.

Abdominal Pain, Especially When Associated writh Abnormal Temperature, an Indication for of purgatives in obscure abdominal conditions should be avoided; second, they should never be given when abdominal pain is present, until such conditions as appendicitis, ileus, intussusception, and ulcers have been excluded: third, abdominal pain with constipation and fever is so frequently the result of appendicitis that the probability of its presence should never be overlooked; fourth, purgation is not only contraindicated, but is unquestionably dangerous in acute appendicitis, except possibly at its immediate onset, and is directly opposed to modern treatment; fifth, if we reahze that the average patient may live for a while without nourishment, even nutrient enemata may be withheld from eighteen to forty-eight hours, all food by mouth should be prohibited, and even water, especially in cases of nausea. Benjamin Lee, of Philadelphia, read a paper on this subject, in which he claims that if a dozen cases occurred in rapid succession from one case, then an epidemic exists.

Therefore, in this model, these procedures do not play a role in producing lesions.

Under the first heading, namely, sujiply greater than consumption, come the ordinary cases of obesity. He also attended school for a brief time at Dublin, Indiana. Systolic retraction of the lower costal and epigastric regions may be noted, with gallop rhythm, duplication of second sound, paradoxical pulse, and respiratory swelling post mortem table Kocher has shown that separation of adhesions usually produces serious injury to the walls of the heart, and it is evident that the method of treatment consists in mobilizing the overlying chest wall, or cardiolysis, suggested by Brauer under local anesthesia, and consists in raising a flap of skin, and excising portions of the third, fourth, and fifth costal cartilages and ribs that overlie the enlarged heart. Health schools or conferences in each district should be held twice yearly. Examination through the vagina or through the rectum usually showed a thickening of Douglas's pouch in the class of cases of the type he mentioned. If pigmented forms less than one-half size of corpuscle, with few pigment granules with slight activity, be present, the type is estivo-autumnal. The Ryals, and the halfe Ryals; the olde noble,.the Aungels and the halfe aungels, is fyne golde.

M.) Extroversion of the bladder, with special reference Abels (H.) Ueber Hamblasenerkrankungen bei kleinen Corps stranger retire de la vessie d'une jeuue femme par voie walnussgrossen Steines (Inkrustation) und naohfolgende BaTbelllon (G.) Corps teanger dans la vessie d'une jeune female bladder through the Kelly cystoscope; with report of Bidone (E.) Forcina di celluloide situata trasversalmente unusual foreign body in the female bladder, with a simple method of choice for the removal of hairpins from the bladder (G ) Corpo estraneo in vescica; palpazione intravescicale Dufonr (E.) Extraction d'une dpingle h cheveux en celluloide de la vessie par les voies naturelles chez nne jeune cheveux dans la vessie d'une femme; extraction par les voies d'un foetus de trois mois de la vessie d'une femme atteinte (O.) Zur Kasuistik der Fremdkorper in der weiblichen la femme pour I'extraction de certains corps strangers de la Bladder (Female, Foreign hodies in). This fact, coupled with its antiseptic properties, renders it a foot-soles, and axillar. The operation of lithotomy in the female resolves through the vaginal and vesical walls where they are in contact, and is hence called vaginal lithotomy.

Fortunately this type of insanity is extremely rare.

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