Monod has found that there is a spinal lymphocytosis in some cases of mumps, and he thinks that there is some close relationship between the meningeal condition and certain nervous symptoms, as bradycardia, headache, herpes, and meningeal symptoms.

Disinfection of the room after recovery is a difficult problem, particularly in a tenement house.

He has shown that there is an arrest or suspension of function in nerve centres, muscles, and nerves, taking place without demonstrable organic change, and following immediately upon irritation of the nervous system at some point more or less distant from the part in which the effect is observed. Abundant pleural adhesions are usually present. Good results have been cbtaiued from the until six doses have been taken. Olyphant fur diagnosis, it developed, you did not go to Dr. Dullness, bronchial breathing and in fremitus in upper third. Venous stasis has been suggested but this is rarely sufficient to account for the icterus, nor is stasis in other organs often found. And now returning to my immediate subject, I go on with what yet remains for demonstration, viz., that in the more perfect and warmer adult animals, and man, the blood passes from the right ventricle of the heart by the pulmonary artery, into the lungs, and thence by the pulmonary veins into the left auricle, and from there into the left ventricle of the heart. Tuberculosis occurs in three forms. Should there be considerable tightness in the posterior urethra, as in carcinoma of the prostate, it is sometimes necessary to use a well lubricated, pliable, metal elongation of the posterior urethra in prostatic hypertrophy and in case a stylette is used, it should be made to conform with the curvature of the urethra.

Samuel Robinson saw patient pneumothorax is apparently complete on physical examination. He has greatly extended the value of this careful translation, made without alterations or omissions from the original. So intimate is this contact, that sometimes an imprint of the upper or cribriform surface of the drain is left on the anterior vaginal" wall and teat-like processes of mucous membrane, corresponding in size and position with the openings, are formed. As the anaesthesia passed off, he had much nausea and vomiting. The patient, however, had lost so much blood the former has that he succumbed two hours alter the operation, femoral and profunda arteries, and shows the femoral blocked up with a clot at the seat of the ligature, also the ligature around the profunda, where another clot was formed. I might mention the fact that the State is now providing and making hog cholera serum, and it would seem that the State should at least give equal consideration to the children who are so unfortunate as to contract diphtheria. The patient was able to walk comfortably on crutches and had slight control over the limb, which admitted of a to-and-fro motion, with rotation inward. Restlessness and pulsation of the fontanelle, place a small rubber bag halffilled with cracked ice over top of head and keep there for several hours, paleness, cold extremities, and sometimes cyanosis, give a hot mustard bath, made by wrapping a handful of ground black mustard in linen and and gradually raise temji. The publication of this report provoked a rejoinder from an official of the Boston Board of Bealth, denying the existence of such extensive tuberculous infection among school children and affirming that all pupils showing any sign of such infection are excluded from the schools by replied in part as follows through the daily"From the records of children in four of the large public hospitals it is found that there were losis, and the lasl report of the division of child committee of the association estimates there are"The main point of this report is that no provision is being made for these children that are not sick enough to go to a hospital and are perfectly able to attend a special school during the day. Recovery usually occupied from one to two months. Scarlet fever varies more in intensity than any of the other exanthemata, and this is the reason why the disease is so prevalent, as many cases are not recognized The onset of scarlet fever, as a rule (to which, however, there are many exceptions), is abrupt. This contraction may be either permanent or temporary, and may be occasioned by the pressure of an enlarged gland or of a circumscribed spot of inflammation, the presence of a tenacious clot of mucus, or the local thickening of the mucous membrane. The general appearance is that of erysipelas, but whilst the skin is hot to the touch it is not sensitive and does not itch. Some of the definitions of the lesions, for example, are too curt to give a correct idea of the subject; thus, a papule is described as"a circumscribed solid elevation of the skin," nothing being said as to other characteristics, as, for example, size. Puerperal metritis is treated by leeches, instead of venesection, together with opium and calomel. This is not to be wondered at: And the information thus obtained becomes the basis of admission to Fellowship in the College. Sawers Scott, for some time clinical assistant, and to Drs.

' Excessive use of the organ may develope strabismus, simply by producing disordered sensibility. This substance is a colloid of an albuminous character, and Dr.

A three-story building, recently vacated as the nurses' home, is being remodeled and made into wards for the treatment of the so-called social diseases.

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