Within a few months both men began to suffer from a variety of indistinct nervous symptoms which gradually developed into a complete picture of multiple sclerosis, with scanning speech, intention tremor, emotional phenomena, etc. It is also liner than the other, and thus can be adapted to long, narrow sinuses, to every bend of which the tube will easily accommodate itself. I liave narrative was really founded on a fact related to him by Mrs.

In order to warm the inspired air and to evaporate the water secreted, a large amount of heat is required, therefore it is evident that the body must lose a large amount of heat by this means.

The last was later affiliated with Hamline University, but the first three surrendered their charters and united with the State University. Symptomatic improvement may be obtained with prednisone administration. Reserpine: Depression, peptic ulceration, diarrhea. Court imposed liability on blood banks for failure to test for and detect every possible impurity may, in the end, serve to force withdrawal of the nonprofit blood banks leaving only those truly in the business of selling blood. S; now wkg in Indus cl, some GP; seeks'urg exclusively, assn or chref, gen surg, US Army-h'p; seeks oppor surg, assn, prtnr or loca GENERALIST URGENTLY NEEDED by medical center in major metropolitan area, within two blocks of large hospital. THE CHEMISTRY OF PSEUDOCHYLOUS ASCITES AND OTHER Milky effusions into the serous cavities are classified into three fat as the result of a fatty degeneration of cellular elements, and that groups two and three are distinguishable and preferred to consider them both under the term"pseudochylous." who does not believe that the negative chemical tests for fat in the pseudochylous fluids disprove the assumption of the fatty nature of suspended molecular granules; he considers therefore the According to Lee" experimental ligation of the thoracic duct in cats leads to the development of collateral lymph paths or new venous anastomoses; accumulation of free fluid m the peritoneal cavity and thorax did not occur. The present volume contains over thirteen hundred pages and is so large as to be almost unwieldy. The cough center in the brain must also be in normal condition.

But in these perilous attacks of illness the patient should be frequently visited, and the physician should cautiously watch the effects of the remedy.

The bowels may be constipated, but diarrhoea is not very uncommon, the evacuations pale or clay-colored, but they are not always devoid of bile.

By whom such treatment is" usually pursued in such cases" is not stated. It would be interesting to determine just when the braincells begin to register impressions that become fixed and are subject to the call of memory; and also with which of the senses these early registrations are associated. Superintendent Gary spoke of the school that he attended where they had sixty scholars, the children and what they needed, and those boys came there and got something out of that school that stood by them until they grew up, got something which made them men, and they went out into the world and miade their places. The trabeculse ai-e rendered stronger and tougher, and thus the gland possesses greater power of resistance, and the tunics look more opaque. So far our knowledge is scanty. In others again, the glands have the hard glistening appearance of lymphadenoma, while the new growths in the spleen caseate, and of the affection varies in different cases. The colour depends on the bile-pigments, and varies from a liglit bright or saffron yellow to dark greenish brown or porter hue; the quantity often diminishes in the beginning of the Jaundice, owing to congestion of the kidneys; and afterwards is generally natural if the progress of the disease is favorable. Therefore, a diet which contains as glucose is in the proper ketogenic-antiketogenic ratio; and we Potential fatty acid from all sources in the diet, Solving for F (grams of fat to be given in the diet), we have the already known values for the protein and carbohydrate of the diet, the amount of fat to be given is determined. The amount of dye recovered in the m-ine was relatively small. Muscular weakness, or imbalance, is also a prolific source of such symptoms and demands much core and judgment for its proper correction; not infrequently operative interference must be added to such glasses as are necessary. If examination reveals papilledema or retinal vascular lesions, medication miscalculation, omission or error in taking the recommended dosage of Norinyl, pregnancy may result. The genuine preparations of Indian Hemp produce in man great excitement and high spirits, great laughter, talkativeness, and pleasing thoughts, and a great appetite for food and sexual excitement, followed hj sleep, from wliicli the person recovers without any unpleasant effects. In the first quarter of the present year I had the opportunity to observe seven such cases, the first of which I shall report in this paper.

This may be of a fluid consistency or as thick as molasses. Among the exciting causes of Colic, one of the most frequent is the presence of some indigestible article of food in the bowels.

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