Inguinal glands enlarged, but not tender. Properties due to an oleoresin and a volatile oil. THE TREATMENT OF CERTAIN FORMS OF BRONCHITIS.

Committee on Arrangements: ( For list of other officers, see last pages of reading matter.) Louis Curtis Ager, Chairman, Third Avenue and Silliman Members of the American Medical Association who are members of The New York State Medical Association: Members of The New York State Medical Association THE NEW YORK STATE JOURNAL OF MEDICINE. - In most of the western states, I am satisfied, both from inquiries and personal observation, that scarcely one-half of the whole number of practitioners have ever been examined or licensed, either by colleges or societies, and very many of them have never attended a lecture in any medical institution. Vidian paralysis therefore causes deficient action of the velum palati, which droops on the paralyzed side, and does not respond well to reflex or electrical stimulation. To those members of the Iowa State Medical Society who appeared before the Committee, we wish to express our thanks for their advice and suggestions. Usually, the loans are granted to students who are entering Iowa schools, but exceptions have been made. The breakdown of our cases Usually, reticulum cell sarcoma and lymphoblastic lymphoma are more malignant and run a shorter course. Upon light palpation the pulse is feeble and compressible and in strong contrast to that elicited upon palpation of the underlying artery.

This can best be achieved by performing them often and by having radiological consultation during operation.

It is safe to say that no bodily ailment has called have diseases of the skin. Blueness of the general surface, very often intense, is produced by overdoses of certain of the coal-tar derivatives, especially acetanilid, by nitrobenzole, and by poisoning with illuminating gas. In cases of abnormal involution this frequently occurs. With the present rapid growth of appreciation for the contribution which the medical profession is making will come the demand for increasing numbers of physicians on a full or part time basis in industry. Although much of the work presented represented studies in animals, there is some correlation, insofar as possible, with findings in normal, leukemic, anemic, and polycythemic states in humans. There is also the possibility of air embolism in any open-heart surgery that involves opening the left side of the heart.

By an ingenious elaboration of the same theory, Ahlfeld includes atresia of the rectum and anus as secondary results of the undue persistence of That volvulus within the abdominal cavity during fetal life may result in atresia cannot be denied, and that this result may even take place in adult life under peculiar conditions seems to be shown by the remarkable case reported by Hadlich. On admission his temperature of feverishness. To my great gratification the pus disappeared in a few days, and I soon had an aseptic wound to deal with. This phenomenon has been designated type of degeneration should once again be emphasized. Altho the renal function does not improve, yet, the special standard diet reduces to a minimum the toxicity of which the kidney must dispose; and hence accumulation is prevented; so that the fits no longer occur, in spite of the greatly lowerd renal efficiency.

Planat recommends is from one to one and a half gramme of ergotine in twenty of glycerine or rose-water, of which from eight to ten drops are to be inserted in the eye every two hours. The intellectual progeny of Sociates thus brought so much of good to the world that, with Charles Mackay, we" Pace in thy cell old Socrates, merrily to and fro, Trust to the impulse of thy soul and let the poison flow. The effect would be to render it injurious to the health of any one who consumed dyed in a variety of fast colors by boiling them in solutions of various food products commonly sold in the market, such as jam jellies, ketchups, cheaper varieties. In instances of injuries of the colon, a Milsulicz type of exteriorization is occasionally the operation of care of the patient with major trauma to the gastrointestinal tract. This should be repeated several times.

Goffe was now President of the State Association there was a vacancy in the Presidency of the Fifth District Branch, and that the Vice-President, Dr. It failed, however, to tear the adhesions between the Encouraged by the way in w T hich the application had been borne in the case just stated, I determined to try it in a case of mixed astigmatism, in which, after several instillations of atropia, the results were still unsatisfactory. It declares that the quotation was taken from a papyrus of the First Dynasty. These abscesses develop outside of the rectum and beneath the skin and fasciae. The quicker the depreciation in the condition becomes so much the sooner is the injection to be repeated and so much the larger is tjie dose to be chosen for each injection.


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