Decreased, the lobe gradually became rudimentary. In a majority of cases, there is a grave general underlying condition coexistant, tuberculosis, amyloid degeneration, a marked neurosis general in character, etc., which should not be diarrhea as an unfortunate factor in persons suffering from achylia gastrica. The citizens of Rome who had worn down their constitutions by intemperance, added many years to their lives, by migrating to Naples, and enjoying there, in a warmer sun, the pure air of the Mediterranean, and sir William Temple says the Portuguese obtain the same benefit by transporting themselves to the Brazils, after medicine and diet cease to impart vigour to their constitutions in their native country. As regards the weight of the healthy lens, there seems, Avith one exception, to be a regular increase with age. Frankel determined the presence of staphylococci and streptococci in thirteen out of eighteen cases, and stated that he"invariably found tubercle bacilli in deeper layers of the tissue than the pyogenic germs, so that, apparently, the latter took advantage of the injury wreaked by the former in the tissues." This description exactly parallels my own findings in cases of secondary infection of the lungs. They occur singly, or in groups of four or six in an epithelial nucleus, in wliich case the nucleus seems like a bladder, with granular bodies besides the parasites. The results of the erysipelas injections are not encouraging, especially when the dangers are taken into consideration. Edward Adams: Local.Anresthesia in General Surgerv, bv Dr. A man from the Isthmus of Panama told him that his wife at one time had been very ill on the Isthmus with yellow fever and had black vomit; he had treated her with doses of hydrogen peroxide, after which the vomiting of blood ceased. Frontal headache was the most prominent subjective symptom.

Direct sunlight never enters the sleeping apartments in many of the homes. This diminution is frequently marked, sometimes to complete disappearance of these cells. He beheves that it is essential to success in these experiments that living bacilli should Behring J claims to have secured the highest degree of artificial immimity in cattle yet obtained.

Later a whole series of other clinicians tried the same, but in vain, till twenty-four hours by an evident change in the general condition, and a complete restoration of the patient within several months. According to Lindsay, the Indian mongoose, when poisoned by a snakebite, uses Mimosa octandra as an antidote; the mongoose plant, Ophiorhiza mungos, is used for the same purpose in India. Unfortunately, however, this Bill only applies to the women working in factories employing no less than twenty hands, and worked by mechanical motors. It is very important to recall these rare cases, thus far but little studied, since ignorance of them may give rise to errors as to the origin of the mononuclear cells and to the diagnosis of In conclusion, the writers wish to take up the important question of the origin of the myelemic constituents of the blood. Morton cols was subject to occasional attacks of this disease during his whole life, and he lived to be above eighty years of age. One of my nurses was away on holiday when typhus fever broke out; she had been nursing that disease on and off for twenty years without contracting the disease, and was considered immune. At one place where the stratum is still in continuity with the'wall it is found that there is what appears, to be a direct continuity between the cells of the stratum and the cells of the tumor mass. On the right side is seen a dark raw surface, to which the seen a smooth mucous polypus of the size of a haricot beau, am) a smaller irregular mucous polypus which shows sarcomatous change in thi embedded in a fibro-muscular stroma having the usual appearances; but in other parts the stroma consi-ts of la Us with capillaries running between them, having the typical appearances of a spindle-cell sarcoma, and contrasting distinctly with the normal stroma Section of the carcinomatous growth showing adeno-carcinoma with some papillary ingrowths, deeply invading the muscle. Ehrlich and the eosinophile cells has never been proved. A few hours before her death, in a condition of mental aberration, she made a long speech, which was delivered in a beautiful, bell-like voice, audible across two rooms. These editors have been requested to make such additions to the original articles as seem necessary to them to bring the articles fully up to date and at the same tune to adapt them thoroughly to the American or English reader. A few days later a marked enlargement of the inguinal lymph nodes of that side of the groin became apparent. When the man was thrown suddenly on to his hands, with the arms rigidly outstretched in a forward direction, the effect was to force the outer end of the scapula violently away from the chest wall and so damage The accompanying photograph, taken by the sister in charge of the out-patient department, shows the patient posed as he fell, and is inserted to make clear the exact manner in which the accident occurred. At this date, the picture from which the photograph was taken was drawn by Hospital this Office, and represented him as in excellent health and spirits at that taken.

These patients do not have pyorrhea, in fact may never have pyorrhea; unless, as a result of some general reduction of resistance, the opportunity for them to invade the peridental membrane presents itself, the result being, production of a case of pyorrhea that in its extent and severity will depend principally upon the severity of the general constitutional condition, and, to a lesser extent, upon the virulence or invasive properties of these opportune parasites. Brooklyn, has been sold to the building, with all the latest improvements, will be begun Free Medical examinations and the adoption of other methods for the early detection and prevention of disease are recommended by the president of the Provident Savings Life Assurance Society, who has just issued a monograph on the increase of deaths from diseases of the kidneys, heart, and brain, and other non-conmumicable despatches, the health authorities of Tonawanda are becoming alarmed at the spread of smallpox there.


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