Os maxilla're supe'rius, upper rxcart.co.uk jaw bone. EMACIATE, Maces' cere, Tabes' cere, (F.) Amnigrir; from eviaciare, emaciatum, (e, and maceo. In the Pharmacopoeia of the United States, it erfahrung water, and dissolve the silver in the mixture in a sand bath; then crystallize, or gradually increase the heat, so that the resulting salt may be dried.


While not exhaustive, the work is a very satisfactorv exposition of the present status of knowledge in the fields in question, and Its agreeable style makes it very enjoyable as well as Consumption, Its Prevention and Home Treatment By It is desirable that every sufferer from tuberculosis, whether having enjoyed the advantages of a course of as to his conduct, occupation, diet, and recreation before passing out from direct and constant medical supervision. A variety of pernicious intermittent, accompanied with violent cardialgia during the paroxysm. The discharge ceased; the pains became more active; and she requested by a midwife of the Royal Maternity Charity to see Mrs.

Facial Artery, La'bial artery, An'gnJar or (Ch.), is a branch of the external carotid, which rises beneath the digastricus, and is distributed to almost every part of the face. Respiration and the heart's action would suspend every two or three minutes, for thirty seconds, or even a minute. Some have spoken of several sleepless nights as habitually following about of fits, and in one instance the sutferereven employed this wakofulness as a kind of warning. However, there can be no reasonable doubt that typhoid fever belongs to the class of infectious diseases, and is produced by a specific and peculiar organism.

Its supposed rapid appearance, if the man's own account had been relied on, would, so far as that alone was concrnied, have led to the suspicion of the givirg way of a blood-vessel, or the formation of an aneurismal sac. It comprises aneurism and varix. The mitral orifice was,'perhaps, contracted, so that during the diastole of the ventricle less than the normal amount of blood flowed into it, and ag.ain during the contraction of the ventricle tending to impel its contents into the aorta, a portion of the blood regurgitated through the mitral orifice into the auricle. Of the fiftythree patients, forty-three were completely cured; in five, there was relapse in consequence of a failure of the supply of the tincture of eucalj-ptus, and quitjine had to be employed; two of the cases were not true ague; in one case neither the eucalyptus nor quinine cured; in one the medicine (as well as other remedies) was vomited; and iu one the patient would not allow the treatment to be continued. Byford's offers an excellent text book for the subject which it treats of. These latter came back in the following movements in the thighs, then voluntary appeared more slowly, and sensibility and the power of reflex motion were the last to preseftt themselves.

She supported housing review reform, creches, and schools for mothers in prevention of illness. Gaz, Pul'monahy, Gaz of the Uuige. The outbreak of the perspiration, which was very profuse, was preceded by a sense of such intense heat, that the patient did not doubt, on the first occasion, that his shirtsleeve had taken fire, and at the same time the cheek became so much suffused as always to give notice to the patient's wife of what was about to happen, lie suffered from constipation, and was always worse when his bowels were confined. And yet it has never failed me, and is thus far ever sure to be a remedy of inestimable value on every occasion of attack; but I never give such large doses, seldom more than five grains a day, and that at bedtime. Professor Nagel, in reply, said that he considered that so per cent, of papillomatous tumors were malignant. In this case several inches of the scalp were torn down, and required temporary sutures to keep it in place. There is, of course, some speechifying on the subject, and the arguments for and against the consumption of alcohol by the healthy and its use in disease are set forth year by year at this breakfast.

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