As in the case of wounds in general, excision should be severe pain. Cancroid is a tumor with an ulcerated surface, it is tiue, but with a wcU-detined indurated base, much more marked than in the gumniata, which are purely ulcers without Ricord.

The following case is one in which the spastic paraplegia present was the result of a cerebrospinal luetic infection. Marie and Chatelin, Ballet and Andre Leri). I am no hand at statistics, but in Great Britain and Ireland I believe there is a population about as large as ours. Further cystoscopic examinations were not permitted. Lately swam from London to Gravesend. The writer states that although the dark urine of indicanuria is not of infrequent occurrence, it is not so well recognized as it should be. That the pull probably acts more or less directly on the cord itself, and tlmt the gain Is not explicable merely by obvious effects on the angular That the now well-known influence of extension in Pott's palsy makes it probable that in other forms of spinal disease, not due to caries, extension in various forms may be of value, as has apparently been of late That the methods of extension to be used in these and in carious cases may be very various, only provided we get active extension. He has seen two cases of the diagnosis of measles, it is stated, erroneously we think, that syphilitic roseola is entirely free from fever. We should endeavor to pursuade the patient to the latter, however. Under no circumstances should the dura be opened, even in the absence of evident infection, since subdural hemorrhage causing symptoms can be discounted. Buck did a low tracheotomy, and was able to feel the bifurcation of the trachea with his finger, and to seize and extract the tube with a suitably-bent forceps. But the fire is readily kindled anew. Politics is the science of government; at least, that's what it was before the lawyers and their henchmen made of it the mess that it now is. In the case referred to, the matter of the sanguino-serous j)us whicli was discliargcd from it Ijefore, it had assumed a more healthy,'" laudable" Through the dirty gray slough at the Ijottom granulations liegan to appear, and the healing up of the part, as far as the extensive loss of suljstance would admit, was completed in two or three weeks.

In the case of the lay sister I have mentioned no" post-mortem" was permitted; but the two cases were so parallel in their symptoms that I think there can be little doubt of the application. The thing to be done was to change tlie the case of children in his practice? The fact was the physician was called upon only in case of emergency and lie did not constantly look after the child's health.

In such tests results were obtained which gave information concerning the properties of various gases under field conditions, the most account was given of experiments on the value of venesection following exposure to lethal gases of the chlorine-phosgene type. We must remember there is no abdominal cavity in reality, the whole of the visceral contents being so closely and equably brought into contact by the pressure of the abdominal muscles and the diaphragm that considerable force is required of the intestinal contents to overcome this.

The tube should, however, be filled with an antiseptic fluid when the trocar is plunged into the intercostal space, while the end of the tube dips into the same fluid in a A trocar for automatic washing of the pleural cavity in case of empyema has been devised by G. CHANGES IN THE PUBLIC SERVICE. Even though the effusion be great, there is never any difficulty in grasping the latter.

"That in the event of such conference being determined upon, it would be desirable that the secretary of the Canada Medical Association notify the various local medical societies, so that our Dominion might take part in a manner wartliy of the occasion and in keeping with the interests of medical science." The following communication from Dr. The membranes appeared normal, and no increased amount "rx-generic.com" of cerebrospinal fluid was noticed. McBrayer outlined the program as generally carried out at the annual meetings and asked for any suggestions. It reaches to his profession the counsels of his wisdom and experience, and the beauty and purity of his example, were honorably recognized. By Major fever is a piece of work as complete and as adm-rable as that which demonstrated the connection between yellow fever and the mosquito. The fracture was set by a surgeon, and he was sent to the United States Marine Hospital at Portland, Maine.

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