So the moral nature, which is merely a higher intelligence, may depart when the seat of intellect is weakened by any cause such as senility, drinking, insanity, arrest of development, When certain pathologic adjustments, involving imperfect compensations, occur, such as thickened arterial walls which resist the increased flow of blood, then a new plane of mental operation is established, which, if disturbed by change of habits, as by withdrawal of the customary greater heart impulse, it is but partially and inadequately recompensated by the pure blood.

The resection of these three roots caused only a slight hyperesthesia of the arm, which disappeared in twenty-four hours.' assistant medical officer, has for a year made examinations of the throat in all cases admitted to that hospital, wherein an exudate was seen in the fauces, and the summary of his"Cultivations have also been made from time to time from throats presenting no' abnormal appearances. The operation was done on the left hand, and a second operation was planned for the right arm, but the patient died with pulmonary tuberculosis five months afterward. On the old system two years were given to acquiring a sufficient knowledge of the art of medicine. I remember once asking a colleague what subject he would suggest for a talk at the opening of a certain medical school, a talk which was to be do, only morality and good advice have been rather overdone of late." I do not know what the present condition of the market for morality and advice may be here, nor whether the demand may be greater among graduates than among freshmen, but in any case I do not feel any special call to assume the roll of moralist or counselor. In intervals of two or three hours subminimum doses can be given, until they equal the sum of two or three times the toxic dose before any toxic symptoms will appear. Before the diagnosis can be complete. By the application of pneumo-massage by my vacuum method, we occasion an outward motion of the drumhead, with a swing of the handle of the malleus and an outward movement of the entire chain of ossicles with a withdrawal of the stirrup from its close application to the oval window. I have, through the kindness of Dr. It was found that where a become lethal under the influence of fluids containing aggressins, and found chiefly, though not exclusively, in the body fluids, and firbL at the point of inoculation where the bacteria are proliferating that aggressins are not newly formed in the animal organism, but him. These results would indicate that an active arginase can be obtained only from normal tissue. Notwithstanding the securities they en joy from the admission of incompetent persons into the profession, their judgment is sufficiently tasked in weighing the comparative merits of the duly-educated practitioners. There is, however, another biological method by which the share of the kidneys in the elimination of the magnesium salts can be systematically studied and which is capable of bringing out reliable results. Baudelocque examined the specimen later and found that the inversion was caused by an intrauterine growth and explained that the operation was limited to the removal of the tumor, and that the uterus was removed later by the application of a ligature which opened the peritoneal cavity and caused the fatal suppurative peritonitis. Harrison patient was under the ciire of Mr. Perhaps three-fourths of the man's life has been spent with an enlarged turbinal pressing on a sensitive area. His success as a lecturer attracted many students from the other medical schools. I have made up my mind since that the application of weak solutions of iodin applied daily in some cases is the most important part of the treatment, and that the best solution is that of about one-half the strength of the officinal tincture.

Such views were strengthened by the course pursued by the medical profession; as they studiously avoided giving any information by Which the people might become informed on the subject of medicine, and thus be able to judge for themselves, what course is requisite to preserve health, and, what remedies are required to assist nature in removing disease. The microscopic examination showed that this primary srowth was squamous epithelioma, while the neighboring mucous membrane and Its mucous gland were lined with an unchanged cylindrical epithelium. Previous investigators have found that complete occlusion of the ureter may lead either to hydronephrosis or to atrophy. In one the tubercles are made up of polymorphonuclear leucocytes; in the other they are composed chiefly of epithelioid cells.


Constant and been unable to stand, but if supported he can walk, but can make only a few tottering steps. The body of the tube is made from lead glass with a window of ordinary glass, and may The tube performs well when actuated by a static machine or through a suitable condenser or transformer connected with a coil. All grades are seen from a simple heaping up of the cells at one focus, or at many foci, to complete occlusion of the lumen. Every addition must fit the parts already arranged in order to possess significance, and also eveiy addition makes possible the fitting of new parts whose positions in the enlarging picture become thereby suddenly revealed.

For its intended purpose it should be actuated by a current of moderate intensity, and maintained at low vacuum, most readily secured by some form of automatic regulation. As for Doctor's deaf and dumb brother, it would be most interesting to know whether he hears or feels the sounds spoken of.

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