Eugene Anspach, the Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Belgium, who has been for many years suffering from a collection of gall stones, which have kept him in a state of aggravated suffering (doleur atrochc) and have latterly defied all measures of relief.

The list comprises cases of puerperal eclampsia, pulmonary hemorrhage, pulmonary edema, cardiac dyspnea, spasmodic asthma, irregular menstruation accompanied with migraine, cerebral apoplexy, croupous pneumonia, emphysema, hyperemia of the lungs, pleuritis, congestion of the brain and of the liver, aortic aneurysm, and simple anemia. More satisfactory, in cases where this maneuvre fails, is the inflation with air through the stomach tube. The error to be avoided in connection with renal pain is fruitless exploration before serious disabilities have arisen. If an imaginary horizontal line be drawn across the base of the uvula, and another vertically, along the anterior faucial pillar, they will intersect at a point overlying the supratonsillar fossa. REPORT OF THE SURGEON GENERAL OF THE ARMY. Http - we have dwelt thus at length, but very imperfectly, upon these things, to indicate how intimately related are body and mind, how interdependent they are, and how difficult it is to determine the line that separates them. Whereas perfect charity is that vehement love of God for his own sake, for his goodness, for his beauty, for his excellency, that carrieth all the motions of our soul directly and violently to him; and maketh a man disdain, or rather hate all obstacles that may retard his journey to hun. Those interested in reconstruction problems in this country will find instructive a little book by Robert.VIf)untsic-r called Our Flevcn Billion Dollars, which discusses.America's proper attitude to the allied debt from the point of view of the conservative American business man. The features of arsine poisoning and acute poisoning from inorganic arsenic compounds are well defined and easy to recognize, but the features of chronic poisoning from small amounts of inorganic arsenic repeatedly administered are insidious and nonspecific; the patient feels tired and listless and experiences generalized muscle weakness, paresthesia and numbness in the extremities, and anorexia and general malaise. After a few seconds the shadow of the fovea centralis appears in the axis of vision as a light yellow patch studded with dark coarse granules.

Lie had heen operated upon, and the base of the brain searched for a basal cyst, but none found. Indeed, without assistance from the ruling authorities, the progress of stamping out this disease will be slow and disappointing. The place was previously irritated coccus o rga u i sin s were rubbed vigorously into the skin with a glass rod, while the bouillon cultures gauze which was kept continuously applied under an impermeable covering. Trophic disturbances may accompany either. Two cases of pyopericardium were observed and a week later. At that time T showed a young lady who had been taught to speak after the operation, and spoke as distinctly as one could possibly wish.

Young, Ernest Boyen, M.D., Second Assistant Visiting Physician for Diseases of Women, Boston City Hospital; Assistant in Gynecology, Harvard THE MEDICAL TREATMENT OF EXOPHTHALMIC GOITER. In addition, every death, immediate or postoperative, in this group of surgical cases is unnecessary. ( Pulse The first experiments to determine changes in blood pressure were made with Gaertner's tonometer, consisting of an elastic strip of rubber covering a metal ring which encircles the finger. To infection with hepatitis B and related viruses in man and animals. BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL Now that medicine is being split up into various branches, un thought of a dozen years ago, the question becomes more and more pertinent as to the present and future status of the dentist. The gold months before, the patient grew unaccountably weak and nervous. Nutrum mur tj when associated with delaying menses, patient is greatly depressed, sad and weak. Rehn, of Frankfort-on-the-Main, was of the same opinion // as Thiersch on the subject of intubation.

After his first meal at the institute, the four-year-old patient out the juice and with it most of the flavor.

The plan is so simple that children can readily understand it, and so comprehensive that it is in itself an historical cyclopaedia for the mature scholar. Bourne's hands, with principal) be annually donated to the institution.

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