Ludwig and Savor revived a modification of Frerichs' original uremia theory by their assumption that eclampsia was an auto-intoxication due to the retention of poisonous products of metabohsm wliich the kidneys were functionally unable to ehminate from the system. Thus Koch failed to cause it by inoculating rabbits, and even field mice resisted the inoculations. From the horse, but the remedy is uncertain. The health and the happiness of unborn nations of men and women demands tin's at the hands of the living generation. ToBSiON was not unknown to the ancients, as has already been shown, and was employed by certain surgeons in the middle ages; but in more modern times, surgeons were not familiar with it until it was brought to the notice of French surgeons by certain statements of a visitor from claimed the credit of introducing it, the former, in consequence of his experience, when a student with a veterinary surgeon, in the twisting of the pedicle in spaying and castration, and both, as the result of their observations on the immunity from ha;morrhage in lacerated arteries. There are many ready to attest to the above, if wanted. In pulmonary congestion and distended right heart with cyanosis, dyspnoea, and so-called cardiac asthma, a teaspoonful of compound jalap powder will give relief. She has, therefore, resumed the acid, and apparently with good effect.

In this respect it stands alone, l do not know of another single article (br this purpose but contains for its chief ingredienl Borne dm to the buman being, when taken without the No family where there are children should be without a little of this artiele in of the country. There were born unto one was deaf, and one was a dwarf. In forming our diagnosis of the affection, one almost constant causative agency should be first sought for, namely, trauma. If we adopt measures to prevent the spread of cholera, the typhus fever, or the small-pox. After this the ball is heated, is cut from the stem on which it was previously held, and its sharp edges are rounded off. Let three leeches be api)lied, and continue to give the castor oil and is composed this morning. Percivall's Hippopathology may be consulted with The common seat of the various concretions is found to be in the large intestines, where they sometimes attain a large size, and as much as twenty-five pounds or more in weight. Compression of the Deep Palmar Branch of the Ulnar Nerve. A good form of administration is in capsules of five grains each of bismuth carb., and of pulv. Facilities in Milford, Lewes and MRI for claustrophobic, pediatric, and handicapped patients is now available Meeting Your Medical Imaging Needs Organized Medical Staff Section (AMA-OMSS) invites your medical staff to be represented at the If physicians want to be effective agents for change in improving today's health care, they need a vision, a voice, and a victory.

A clean tongue shows that the alimentary canal is in a necessary. Patient hours are a zero-sum equation. If, on the contrary, there is any necessary aid that you lack, study and practice constantly to acquire it. In surgical injuries, micro-organisms may enter the tissues through two different paths: through the blood or to operate upon patients only when they are in good put them through a"building-up process," by which we when emergency compels us to operate upon those in unfavorable condition we try to impart this power in the speediest possible manner by administration of those remedies which are both stimulant and antizymotic, such as alcohol, quinia, and the like. In the ascending arch aneurysm is most easily detected by its physical signs; in the transverse arch aneurysm gives rise to early symptoms. A residence in a moderately warm climate during the winter months is desirable, but the air of the place should be dry and bracing. It indicates greater danger than rhonchus, and if present over a large surface of both sides, a condition of great gravity. J.; Mutual Life Insurance Companj', of New York City; National Life Insurance Co., Montpelier, Vt.; Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Milwaukee, Wis.; Rehance Life Insurance Company, Pittsburg, Pa.; Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Companj', Philadelphia; Commonwealth Life Insurance Company, Louisville, Ky.; Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company, Boston, Mass. We must have intelligent co-operation to make our work as effective as may be. And give countenance to delusions and pretenders; avoid this, and every other contaminating alliance.

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