This is conservatism, wise, necessary and safeguarding, but it should not be emphasized to the extent of becoming, as it is to-day, a drag upon the progress However, we are not to judge one another, and we must not forget that we owe a great debt to the legal fraternity, namely the preservation of the constitution, of the laws and of the general integrity of the commonwealth; but I do contend that this mighty profession fails signally to fulfill its duty to the State by neglecting to improve its system of legal procedure and lend its powerful hand to the aid of movements for civic betterment. But the practical difficulties that have presented themselves have sadly interfered with the efficiency of these measures for arresting or annihilating intestinal bacteria, and as a consequence"intestinal antisepsis" as well as"systemic antisepsis" has been more or less of an unknown quantity. Hydrotherapy in its various indicated applications is to be preferred to drugs in combating the insomnia of In the last analysis of the treatment of the opium habit viewed as a neurosis, it will be found that the resourcefulness, patience, and firmness of the physician in charge greatly determine the result. The following gentlemen were This curious plate is the title-page of the fourth edition of his collected works, published immediately after his illustrious parent's death, by the son, whose portrait is united with that of the father at the top of the page, to whom he bequeathed it, a few days before his death, in these words:" Take all my writings, the crude as well as the finished ones, and join them together; to your care I commit them; do with them what you think good; for so it has pleased Almighty God, who directs everything to the best purposes." This plate is a fair type of the frontispieces which decorated a great number of the medical as well as other works published during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, during the golden age of plate engraving. Secondary parotitis is usually easily traceable to the associated condition. These should have been landed at complete invoice of medicines from Apothecaries' Hall, minus tincture of catechu and supply the whole army and the marines. Anaesthetic) because they are really seeking a woman, (But the physician must be' on his guard. On incising this region the parotid gland was first reached; this organ presented a normal appearance.

Forty-two per cent, of the children were lost. The only thing insisted upon by the law, is that before a person is permitted to practice any system of healing, he must prove that he has been sufficiently educated to be trusted to make a diagnosis. That the child had acquired measles from the mother he thought likely, and says that perhaps it did. On inspection and palpation marked bulging was found.

The next morning the child would wake up feeling pretty well.

They used the histories many which were not recognizable fortyfour years ago. There is no term too hard to use against him, no suggestion against him too strong: he is the old man of the sea mounted on the back of his profession. Electrotypes of engravings will be furnished authors at cost, when they wish to preserve them for future reproduction. In an earlier case the author had already noticed that when the patient's convergent strabismus was cured, largely by the use of glasses, a previously existing nystagmus had also disappeared. To be able to meet the coming great strain and demands upon the medical man's service and aid to the country, complete and efficient mobilization by the medical associations of the entire profession for civil or military duty is des'irable. Fifteen thousand insane youths each year exceed the number of deaths in the whole continent from the combined ravages of yellow fever, smallpox and cholera, and it is nearly one-half the number that die of typhoid fever annually in THE FATE OF THE YOUTHFUL INSANE.

This will destroy them night, before you' sleep, and wash it in the morning with the herb petty spurge, and insert the paste in the tooth so as to fill the cavity.

The soreness and distress at the pit of the stomach disappeared, there remaining only the sensation of dulness.

It is a singular and interesting fact, that the hemolytic force of normal bull's serum when once made inactive cannot be regenerated, at least not by the usual methods. The whole area to be covered includes about eighty municipalities in New York and New Jersey, and the only practicable plan is a supervisory commission composed of representatives of these states and the United States, created by appropriate general and state laws with power to compel proper action by all communities whose sewage enters New York harbor or adjacent waters.

The significance of high blood pressure was, to the physician, to go to work to find out the cause.

The matters, which escape are bloody, dry and black; the urine is also deep colored, and often tinged with blood.

The problem is not one which concerns the military or naval forces alone. He was the first observer who described the four stomachs of ruminating animals, and explained the Dr. The disturbances of the stomach and bowels doubtless, however, increase the toxemia and, therefore, aggravate the condition.

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