Hamman and Sloan prefer the latter and air embolism. Bendix says his experience with at(iphan in articular rheumatism leads him to the conclusion that its action is extraordinarily similar to that of the salicylic acid preparations, and only slightly inferior to them.

The" mixed" form is by no means universally accepted as a variety, as it is but the complete manifestation of the disease. Gil, PhD, Associate Professor Wise, Phyllis M., PhD, Adjunct Professor John A. The essential features of the instrument are that the aluminum handle is of dimensions and weight most favorable to delicate and accurate manipulation; it is twice bent, the long axis of the handle passing directly through the operative extremity of the operating shaft. The exciting organisms were constantly present "trafic" in the nose, and details for the collection of material for bacteriological examination were given. The various inembcrs of tho digitalis group are considered and the different methods of determining anunturi tho potency arc discussed. But in cases in which there is deep ulceration of skin the pitting is marked and sometimes excessive, being most noticeable on the face.

Her general health has improved, and she is now free fi-om the pain in the back of the neck, but still complains occasionally that the hands ache. The kidney is a highly complex organ and the contribution of each of its structurally differentiated parts to its total function is unknown. For arterial pressure the radial artery was taken, the subjects being in the recumbent posture, with the arms extended in a line with the heart. Tn discussing the management of a case of acute nephritis, in which h;pmaturia proved very persistent, Dr. This argument will, however, be seen at once to have no validity when we remember that it is extremely rare for a wet-nurse to encounter risk, whilst for mothers to do so is an everyday occurrence. Ilazleton (Sheffield) in a short paper called attention to tho frequiiny of leakages from gas brackets contact and tho consequent inhalation of CO and other constituont-s of coal oxplnined by diagrams tho construction of tho ordinary gas-tap, anil liow wear tended to leakage.

The method is simple, but takes time. In such cases cadaveric lividity usually appears before death.

Our own countryman, the world-famed medical historian, Norman Moore, is, I regret to say, laid on the bed of sickness. If suppuration occur the abscess should be at once opened and a drainage-tube inserted.

We note that the formula of Lassar's paste is inaccurately given, while the directions for its use are different from those advised by the leading dermatologists. So frequently, indeed, is tertiary syphilis the cause of paralysis, that investigations in this direction ought never to be omitted in cases in which the nature of the disease is in the least doubtful. Three weeks to the department of radiology. And extended the vien" that the nuclei of all atoms are built of a heavj- atom, he said," is undoubtedly a very complicated svstem, and in a sense a world of its own, little, forum if at all, influenced bv the ordinary physical and chemical agencies at our command. The motion as' amended was put and carried. Such a conclusion is in agreement with observations on carriers of certain other pathogenic bacteria. It is this whitish smoke and its sublimation products that are the cause of brass chills.

They might be named" Pages from the Diary of a Physician," for they are essentially practical and clinical, and their value consists in their being the matured considerations on one of the most difficult problems in Medicine, of a physician who justly attained to distinction at home, and secured a world-wide recognition as a clinician. Lyons, of New York, referred to the opposite sides of character as seen among the insane.

Subsequently he engaged in various occupations that did not require the use of the arm to any great extent, but it was never free from pain unless elevated.

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