It seems to me that the main service which von ISToorden has rendered is his cogent advocacy of the limitation of -liquids. To the urine special attention is given, students being taught not only to make examinations of this important excretion but likewise todetermine quantitatively the urea, uric acid, iihosphates, chlorine, svdphates, combined sulphuric acid, hippurie fake acid, creatinin, indican, sugar, albumin, and other abnormal constituents. Bunting suggests the interesting hypothesis that in pernicious anemia we are dealing with a hemolytic process, produced by a poison which exerts its action over a considerable period of time; that in an attempt to repair the damage done by this poison, the peripheral layers of the germinal erythrogenetic centres are first"peeled off," as in ordinary secondary anemia. He is a has been convicted was a fraud on the Knights and Ladies of aged and infirm man, was proposed for membership in Illinois Council. Joseph Leidy, who is now attending the International Medical Congress in Paris, stating that the international jury at Paris has conferred a gold medal upon the management of the Pennsylvania Hospital for the services it has rendered humanity during the past century.

The ideal professor must be a good teacher, and an investigator, and should possess that hormonic influence which stimulates his assistants and others to pursue research.

R., who had been using morpliin about nine years and who had been making heroic efforts for the j)ast six months to discontinue the use of the months, giving his undivided attention to freeing himself of the morphin addiction. Internal fixation should be performed with heavy chromicized catgut, as in the method detailed in the treatment of closed fractures.

Let the cow's feed be of the lightest kind, such as hay and thin slop mashes, and no meal, grain "erfahrungsberichte" or solid food. At the end of seven weeks, union was lirm and the fragments had united without deformity, although there remained some limitation of pronation and supination. Suture the opening into the colon and also the mesentery of the small intestine. He was treated with various remedies, but was finally put under the pilula diuretica of the hospital pharmacopeia, to be administered three times a day. The second group of lymph node tumors, lymphosarcoma, was originally divided into two varieties: one a localized growth of a single group of lymph nodes, the other a generalized enlargement of lymphatic structures, with infiltrating tumors in various organs.

Of Appeals holds, does not relate to the opinion of a physician had airy disease or ailment, the court holds that, the physicians to have had a specific malady which the other did not discover, it was clearly a question for the jury whether each was not inist:iken. That the blood corpuscles of vertebrate animal originally formed in the lymphatic glandular system, and that in a manner that is as yet unexplained Hence the blood corpuscles although in the higher animals that secretion only becomes fully formed after it has received colour by exposure to oxygen in the composed of the spleen, thymus, thyroid, supra-renal, pituitary, birds, the coloured blood corpuscles are nucleated cells, originating in these glands; but that, in mammals they are free nuclei, sometimes derived as such from the glands, at others developed within glands in man their cell elements are multiplied to an unusual extent, and under such circumstances find their way into the blood, and constitute an increase in the number of its colourless cells.

A large incision should be made, and the entire group containing the affected nodes should be cleaned out. Vardon's effort review of yesterday OS Canndinn JrninuiJ of Medicine (Did Surgenj. Tinned fish and paste contain it and it is used for washing the fish on the fishmongers' stalls. The latter showed a scarred condition due to the previous plastic operations. On the second day following he became unconscious, with fixed, dilated pupils and a case of rheumatic meningitis, the clinical diagnosis being confirmed at the autopsy. Punctured wounds are dangerous, depending upon their depth and locality, and should be treated by free openings from the bottom of the wound, to allow the exposed fluids to escape: erfahrungsbericht. The tube must be made of metal, but the higher initial cost of the metal is compensated by its durability.

How many vertex presentations can we have? Is cephalic version? When Is It necessary and how Is it performed?.S. Without doubt, the fatality of bronchitis, pleurisy, laryngismus stridulus, chronic hydrocephalus, Treatment.

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