Asparagin-mercury, made by adding mercuric oxide to a solution of asparagin; employed hypodermically in h. The body of the deceased was exhumed after fourteen months, and full proof of death by arsenic obtained from a medicolegal inspection of the stomach. Diagnosis of malignant disease was in each case quite possible, independently of these chemical reactions. The organization of the decennial censuses, so steadily conducted since the commencement of the present century, has already done much good, and will do much more by the practical example thus afforded of the value of statistical information.

In the Diagnosis of Malignant Xeoplasms. Potassium ricinoleate and chlor-metacresol, recommended as a hand disinfectant (riversidehealthcare.org). It was usually lowest i'f quinine was the cause, and highest where sodium salicylate was being exhibited. By a curious anomaly, or exception, the extensor ossi metacarpi pollicis is either not involved or not completely involved.

The nurses are all graduates and they lead a very interesting and varied life. Plate cultures can a third paper, he finds that guinea-pigs die in from one to two weeks when a virulent, pure culture is injected into the abdominal cavity, and that this can be prevented by the use of an antitoxic serum, prepared in the usual way from the blood of swine.

Cold baths and douches are to be avoided, but cutaneous stimulation, dry or aromatic friction, massage, passive movements, Swedish movements, mechanotherapy, by facilitating the circulation and stimulating the nerves without fatigue and without making the patient breathless, can scarcely fail to be useful. Recent meeting in the Medical Library Building, in Boston, a new medical society was formed under the presidency of Dr.

Perichondritis is a severe but exceedingly rare complication: it usually renders a speedy tracheotomy necessary, which, however, is not an absolutely unfavorable outcome, as the rest afforded thereby, not only to the larynx, but to the lungs, which can by means of the cannula expel their secretions with little or no effort and without soiling or infecting the operative wound in the laryngeal mucosa, exercises a favorable influence on the course of the disease both in the larynx and Perichondritis or any severe inflammatory reaction of the larynx or epiglottis can be avoided by the observance of one or two cautions. Irritant fluid, HCHO,, present in the red ant. T The patient's serum also agglutinated THE OCCURRENCE OF DYSENTERY IN HOSPITALS.A.ND IN THE COMMUNITY AT LARGE, WITH A SUMMARY OF THE PROPHYLACTIC MEASURES WHICH SHOULD BE EMPLOYED TO CHECK THE The importance in insane hospitals of dysentery, whether so designated or ma.squerading as colitis, entero-colitis or acute enteritis, is generally recognized, though as yet in this country no general measures have been undertaken to diminish its fi-equency. As is well known, localization of pain within the body is extremely indefinite, due mainly to the infrequent use of the pain sense beneath the surfaces. A blister to the side was ordered. The juror who fails in court to discriminate by reference to sound principles between the osteopath, the hydropath, or the Christian healer on the one hand, and the graduate of the Harvard Medical School on the other hand, is also a voter and a member of the gi'eat majority of voters, and as such wovdd look with little favor upon the establishment of a body of official experts in medicine composed of any one" school." Representation in accordance with quantity and not ill accordance with quality ls the instinctive demand of the general pubhc. And yet, even in this well-known instance it would have to be frankly acknowledged, if the point were pressed, that the third nerve can be, and sometimes is, involved in other lesions than a syphilitic one. Up to the present time there has been no recurrence. This is certainly a more rational explanation than the one so frequently offered, viz., that the hemorrhages are due to the disorganized and diffluent condition of the blood.

Merely to the names and addresses of the patients: tliis purpose it might answer, by making the two pages facing each other represent one week, and leaving larger spaces for each day.

Mayo, who saw them afterwards, thought them somewhat firmer than is The mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines was soft, but not remarkably vascular. There are three classes of cases in which medical expert testimony is frequently used, although it may be necessary at times in any kind of a case. His work on the application of Chemistry to the science of Medicine, was promising a very useful member to his profession j and we acknowledge with pleasure that an unremitting study of Chemistry since that period, must render his lectures highly scientific and interesting to the hearer, should his age and unwearied occupations permit him to prosecute still furthe his exertions in cultivating a I science in which he has rendered himself so proficient. The average age at death in comparative study of the distribution and extent in several cortical areas of certain pigmented materials' demonstrable by iron-hematoxyHn (among other methods) brings out extreme and interesting variations in the cases examined.

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