Operations are now performed, and successfully, for pus in the kidney, floating kidney, etc.


Alfo defired to take a tea fpoonful of Sulphuric Acid Mixture f in a glafs of water, when thirfly. Its further fate has as yet eluded observation. The doses must be very large, for it is necessary that the patient be saturated with the drug until the desired effect is obtained. Penzolt found that digestibility of food is influenced much more by consistency than amount up to certain limits. Nor is there any better reafon for admitting this, when intoxication has taken place more gradually.

I confefs I was a little alarmed at firft: appearances,' however, foon began to mend.

Minin reports favorable results in the treatment of painful bruises, hematomata, infiltrations, acute and chronic eczema, ulcers and burns. And I think that he came to the conclusion that such appearances were almost characteristic of a syphilitic. In children they may disappear, and it is well to wait for a while.

The effect of tension under similar conditions is seen in the laboratory. For older children, decrease the amount of white bread, toast, potatoes, and give green vegetables, oatmeal, and graham bread instead, with plenty of proper fruit twice daily; raw, scraped apples are sometimes the best fruit to What shall I do for this trouble? Rid the system of the irritating matter by giving the baby one teaspoonful of castor oil. For in the caseous form of the disease they were generally limited to the edge of the infiltrated tissue, where, however, they were very abundant. And expectoration for eight months. Orkney Springs, Va., has made a thorough investigation of the method of preparing bovinine, and reports what he found, in Modern Medical Science. Can any dentistry be done during pregnancy? Not if it makes her very nervous; but toothache can cause more harm from a diseased tooth than if it were treated carefully. Many, in this way, are erroneouily fuppofed to be fecured againfi; the Small-Pox, who in reality never had the Cow- Pock. Whether or not the operation in any way hastened the exitus in the cases reported here is certainly very problematical, for they nearly all came, as it were, under the"two-year clause." The operation, in competent hands, is practically devoid of any dangers (kidney and life). The languages taught are the German, French, Latin and Polifh; and the acceflory branches confift of pure and practical mathematics, logic, moral pliilofophy, hiftory, and geography; in all of which they undergo examinations twice a week by the teachers.

It is especially awkward for the girl if the parents of her fiance do not approve his choice.

Jaw, so we were afraid of lockjaw. It is believed that they will be found indispensable in the treatment of diseases of the heart. She did multiple TV interviews on the subject and then stayed and helped Statistically, we knew with a population of more patients. The references to literature are most meager, and the whole tone is lamentably insular. The brain and meninges are also hyperemic, and between the latter sometimes extensive flat blood coagula are present (apoplexia intermeningialis).

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