Further, at such times it is well to regard all sheep which have been sent to market and brought back again as possibly affected, and deal with them on the EPIZOOTIC DISEASES DUE TO PASTEURELLA. When horses are suffering from a general deficiency of food, there are certain diseases which very early claim them, viz., glanders or farcy, and mange. This course includes daily every morning or every afternoon each quarter. In Da Costa's thirty-seven cases there was vomiting twenty-two times as a result of simultaneous disease of the stomach, jaundice twenty-four, indigestion twenty-five, dropsy fifteen, expert testimony as to whether tuberculous meningitis could be caused by ear became red and swollen. I am glad to see so much harmony of opinion among us on this subject. These are then collected on filter paper, scraped off, and put into a dialyzer to free them from all traces of ammonium sulphate. PROFESSOR OP PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF MEDICINE, UNIVERSITY OF It is not many years since there was a lively discussion in regard to the unity, duality, or plurality of some of the essential fevers, which, to most students of the present day, seems to be finally settled against the advocates of unity.

And it comes with peculiar force from one who is such an exuberant classical scholar that his Latin and his quotations from the older English classics overflow on The paper on Locke and Sydenham will especially well repay an attentive perusal. He also repeatedly went in search of wounded, and was the means of bringing a large number to safety. We are glad to take this opportunity to assure our readers that we have not published the last two issues of the Journal on different paper and without our customary cover because of any pocketbook. Non-union of this layer is the only cause of hernia; it does not make any difference about the skin, peritoneum, layer of fat, or the musles, but the fascia must be united, I do not think tightenmg of the muscles will make a bit of difference; the hernia will force itself through and separate the muscular fibers if not held by this firm, non-elastic, aponeurotic tissue. The man or men responsible for the receipt and issue of the forage and the feeding should know everything, and if they do not, or are unable to give a perfectly clear and intelligent account of the system pursued, then there is something which needs explanation. There were a number of other adhesions to the uterus, the separation of which caused considerable oozing.

The peculiarities of the external carotid are many, and should be kept in mind in all operations that are undertaken upon or near it. Just below the junction of the left and anterior semilunar valves is a small bulging in the septum, which admits the tip of the index finger, and is lined with a dense fibrous tissue.

Thoroughly cleansed and disinfected, whatever is practicable in the way of cleansing and disinfection must be done to the shall be cleansed and disinfected to the satisfaction of the Inspector, by being washed, scrubbed, scoured with water, and washed over with lime-wash, prepared from freshly-burned lime, or some other disinfectant approved by the Inspector. A new and valuable aid to Radiographers for this branch of X-ray work. Many observers concur in the view that a negative reaction is at no time of such diagnostic value as is a positive reaction, and this is particularly true not only of women during pregnancy but of newborn children who may have negative reactions at birth and strongly positive tests after several weeks. Several disorders are likely to follow diphtlieria, the most alarming of which is Paralysis. It is necessary that the nurse should have strength sufficient to enable her to lift the patient in and out of bed, and lo move him around, as necessary.

So we find ourselves restricted to internal medication, and must try to overcome the enemy in that way.

Proper introduction of the pessary cannot be done by the patient herself and such attempts on her part should be prohibited. Rhus coriaria produces great skin irritation, and Allium, Oxoa-gai'lic, contains an irritating powerfully smelling essential oil, which in large doses causes death. Eight months ago the patient twisted himself while carrying a plank.

In acute catarrh of the intestines, it controls the hyperasmia of the mucous membrane, and arrests the excessive secretion. Henri Constant Laco.mbe has recently been tried before the Tribunal Correctione, in Paris, for adulterating a large quantity of quinine which he had contracted to furnish to the Assistant Publique in monthly parcels.

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