Ringer: Potassium bromide for the congenital dysphagia of Waring: Iced fluids, sipped, for spasmodic cases. Supposed by Roj'le to be the lesser galangal of pastils formed of many aromatic substances; it Genus of the Suborder Chrysobalanece, Nat. Vomiting and retching, gastric distention, pylorospasm, and the taking of coarse foods or irritating drinks, increase the pain, and usually some degree of pressure on the abdomen affords relief.

The constant correspondence between the clinical and post-mortem percussion signs and the post-mortem conditions justifies us in formulating the following dicta: are not tense, yield tympanitic resonance.

He replied that much to his disappointment they had not. And this is what we found in the South American republics which we visited. The jaundice.) The jaundice of "code" old persons. These terms, however, have been discarded, and are only useful in so far as they convey a good idea of the character of eczema. With the advent of socalled Christianity, the Rabbinical laws monks and friars devoting themselves to acts of mercy and charity by instituting hospitals for the care of the sick, but failing to impress upon the people the necessity for a proper care of the person and the observance of even the most rudimentary of health laws whereby their environment could be bettered. Pregnant Women May Eat Cucumbers There is no basis for the idea that cucumbers and melons should be avoided during pregnancy, according to the Journal of the With the season for renewal of malpractice insurance by the doctors of Oklahoma almost at hand, a great number of inquiries relative to the Oklahoma Group Malpractice policy are being received by This policy, which is written only for doctors who are members of the members of the state society.

Inner and anterior side of the discount elbow-joint.

Individual cases so varv from the classic type in recent years as to suggest the presence of different affections. These interviews revealed that most ill inmates had eaten breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Persons Who Ate Meal Did Not Eat Meal Health department personnel performed an inspection of food preparation, storage, and serving areas. This evidence is introduced for the encouragement of an unfortunate class of invalids, for many of whom existence has ceased to possess any charms. The difference between the registered temperatures of the dry- and wet-bulb thermometers is multiplied by the factor coupon which stands opposite the dry-bulb temperature in the following table, the product is deducted from the dry- bulb temperature, and the difl'erence is the dew point. The former is far from being attained, but is an ideal toward which we may aspire, although much education in personal hygiene is necessary before we may hope that the individual carrier will protect others voluntarily by disinfecting his hands at the proper time. Permanent does senile enlargement, and as soon drainage l)y suprapubic cystotomy, toas ulceration occurs there is hema- gether with colostomy when.rectal turia. He was a professor and chairman of the Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology in the OU School of Dr Brandt also served as director of the OU the Medical Center and associate dean of the School He served as vice chancellor for health affairs in the University of Texas System Administration in surgeon general, US Public Health Service, for eight Assistant Secretary that year. Attention to the general health is necessary, as in the raajoi-ity of cases it is considerably impaired, and the system so much below par that the natui-al reparative processes cannot go on. Sage's Catarrh Remedy is beyond all comparison the best preparation ever discovered. He makes a puncture in the antero-posterior axis of the eye and introduces an apparatus, called a phosphore, which is a tube of enamel with glasses at each end, and which, he says, is successful in or a pustule raised by exposure to the sun's KeliOSCOp'iC.

Vagina, a sheath.) Birkett's term for a form of congenital hernia occurring in those cases where the tunica vaginalis of the testicle has been formed and completely shut oflT, but the funicular portion of the process of peritonasum forming the tunica vaginalis has remained open from inguen, the groin.) Boyer'sterm for an incomplete inguinal hernia. According to some investigators the contractures of cerebral hemiplegia are the result of the greater paralysis in certain groups of muscles.

Halime, marin, maritime.) Of, or belonging to, the sea; marine; halunns, and the A. Acetic acid dissolves granular casts.

The functional powei-s of the stomach are impaired, there is loss of appetite, or it becomes capricious, uneasiness is felt in the region of the stomach, oppression, sometimes nausea and water-brash, or there is indigestion, flatulency, and acid eructations, the bowels become irregular, usually constipated, and occasionally subject to obstinate diarrhoea attended with colicky pains, the stools are light clay-colored, sometimes hard and dark, again thin and very offensive, and now and then green or black. The semen is prematurely discharged upon attempting coition, and if there be ojffspring, it is apt to be feeble or subject to scrofula, consumption, or convulsions. Peculiarities of the condition are that its incidence often has no relation to the severity of the instrumentation carried out, though manifestly increasing with its of urethral fever should constantly be borne in mind, and every effort made to Acute urinary septicemia may follow URINARY AND GENITAL SYSTEMS, SURGICAL DISEASES (WOOD). It is a great mistake, made by physicians as well as patients, to consider"female weakness" a load disease, requiring local treatment. Cardiac weakness appears and dilatation murmurs may develop at the aortic and mitral valves. Wilson employed lotions of chlorinated lime. The first three are given hypodermically, in varying proportions, four times a day; the doses being gradually increased until the desire for alcohol ceases.

Other remedies are: Alcohol (Seiler); antipyrin, four per cent spray as sedative (Hinkle); aristol in flexile collodion, one to eight (Phillips); borax, table salt, each two ounces, benzoic acid, gr.

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