Brook for his able conduct in the chair, as REPLY OF THE LORD LIEUTENANT TO THE PETITION OF THE IRISH MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS. There is, however, no hemiplegia in this case of ours, and a lesion in the internal capsule would require to be most discrete to involve only the speech fibres without affecting those for ordinary muscle movement. It is generally situated near the cardia. It may also aifect the muscles of the extremities, producing palsy; seen along the free margin of the gums, but is absent where a tooth or stump is wanting. When the cent, tincture of perchloride of iron may be fifteen minims three times a-day, but it will soon be found necessary to reduce it considerably.

Under these circumstances the patient is said to have died from phlebitis. I have so often heard regret expressed by those whose lack of familiarity with German kept these works beyond their reach, that I was glad of the opportunity to assist in the bringing out of an English edition. AfHict the Cudra woman, the boaster; thee, a wild boar uprooted thee with his snout: seek to injure the injurer, O herb, smite Use was made of medicinal herbs as well as charms in the treatment of surgical cases, and it sheds a strong light upon the ancient Indian knowledge of wounds to know that the Vedas were familiar with extraction of arrows, with dressing of wounds, artificial Umbs, castration, etc. In between these two" diseases" stands typhomania, which unites in itself certain symptoms of each. - the child was born with animation suspended. The general plan of the book is eminently practical.

The urine, not touching the kidneys, comes to the bladder in vapour-form and is there Asclepiades denies the purposefulness of the vital forces and is the most important representative in antiquity of the mechanical attitude of mind in medicine.

On his admission all these symptoms were present, but were rather increased in severity; the pain in the shoulders and arms sometimes preventing him from sleeping. The cancerous growth often spreads to contiguous parts. Especially worthy of note are the pulmonary hemorrhages consequent upon vasomotor disturbances in hysteria. Fibrinous fibrous adhesions serve to unite tirmly the peritoneal surfaces to each other, and tubercles may be found within them. It is, of course, presupposed that the bacilli of human or of mammalian tuberculosis, and not SIGNIFICANCE OF THE ABOVE RESULTS FOR HUMAN BEINGS. While by the administration of this law we benefit the public, it is certain also that we benefit to even a greater degree the medical profession to which we belong. The foundation of Galenical pathology and diagnosis may be summed up in the saying that there is no disturbance of function without organic determine which organ, primarily or by sympathy, was the cause of the functional disturbance, and which humoral anomaly underlay it. (given at the memorial service graduating class who has been selected on the basis of exceptional ability in the graduating class whose achievement and interest in the field of osteopathic radiology has been of high order: Awarded upon recommendation of the department of internal medicine to that member of the graduating class who has been selected as the most proficient in To that member of the graduating class who by personal and professional conduct and by contributions to student affairs and to the general program of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine has been deemed worthy of special citation as recipient of the Dean's Award: Awarded by the Alumni Association of Medicine to that member of the graduating class who has been selected because of the high caliber of performance of professional duties in the Awarded upon recommendation of the department of internal medicine to that member of the graduating class who has been selected as most proficient in the THE FREDERIC H. Not then, as the result of anything that has occurred, but simply to avoid embarrassments which the experience of other bodies has shown us are very likely to grow out of this influence of locality in the election of the president, we recommend the adoption of the following proposed Be U ordained by the Medical Associalion of the State of Alabama, ThAt hereafter, and as long as this Association continues its present policj' of holding its sncceeslTe annaal sessions at different places, the president elected at any annual session shall not be a resident of the county in which said sesion and said election are held.

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