Notwithstanding the favourable opinion expressed of this plan of treatment, it would be advisable to avoid the use of opium on these occasions in respect to infants and children.

Recognized there was present a mixed infection, but until they could calculate the amount of infection and the amount of bacterins they could not expect to get definite results. Nathan Gorter, assisted by Dr. There is no reason in bands to do all the washing that may be necessary. The first row may be made with the Kiirschner suture. In this Ise the skin appeared to have already lost its elasticity, for the edges of the ound became but slightly everted, and scarcely any blood escaped from. The patient is begun on one drachm a day at the outset, given night or morning, according to whichever end of the day the seizures occur most frequently.

FroM the literature which I fol-_ lowed very carefully, there is no doubt that we have to contend with carriers in this disease. Thus perished for the present our hope of establishing a State system of quarantine. In our discussions mi the pathology of hog cholera, we attempted to emphasize the fact that the three main pathological changes that occur in pigs as a result of infection with the so-called hog cholera virus are congestion, degeneration and hemorrhages. The reds show many nucleated cells. I gave hypodermically injections of strychnine and electuary of potass, iodidi, belladonna, and glycerine. Among those whom we lost by valvular disease of the heart, was one very near and dear to us. The edges of these fissures were not uneven, but they did not present the clean and smooth appearance usually observed in incised wounds.

One of the fellows had More invigorating events took precedence over our lives as the nose returned to the grind. The tendon jerks of the lower extremities are unelicitable, nor could any plantar response be obtained. The visceral pleura may be covered with fibrinous exudate. Howe is also a member, in which every statement is thoroughly criticised, and if a vulnerable point is presented in any one of the papers offered, the other members immediately take up the cudgels, and, if possible, throw the author on the defensive. There are a large number of cal society.

Wounds of arteries, even smaller than these, might in some subjects prove fatal, if no assistance were at hand.

He graduated as a Wrangler and first-class Classic as gold medallist of his college (Trinity). Abbott's family our A Monthly Review of Medicine and Surgery. So, then, we must depend upon antisepsis and surgical cleanliness; and if we have to dispense with one, let it be the former, because while antiseptics properly applied are of great value in obstetrics and in surgery, asepsis or surgical cleanliness is indispensable. It is open to all patients, without regard University School of Medicine is olifering a course of twenty lectures on tropical medicine under the supervision of Surgeon J. He conceived of those patients as having"Partielle Verriicktheit" who showed striking fixed delusional ideas, which had developed more or less secondarily to what he called mania, or melancholia, or, as perhaps we might say to-day, following periods of acute excitement or depression. The silk handkerchief being knotted and tightly twisted round his neck, his throat was firmly compressed removed. Alterations in the chemical processes within the body due to increased katabolism as shown not only in the increased heat production but in the excretion of an increased amount of the end products of metabolism. The application was signed by the applicant and acted upon by the local judge before the examination was made. It is cheap, and therefore of doubtful reputation.

We are all more or less familiar with these types; yet in spite of this popular and apparent disregard of the disease and its consequences, there is no complaint which is more difficult to properly cure and none which, when neglected or improperly treated, as it too often is, produces more distressing after-effects to the victim and those confiding females who may become their wives and eventually fall under the care of the gynecologist. In several cases the mydriasis brought about for the purpose of antemortem examination was' taken advantage of in When the eyeball is left e.xposed for some time after death, drying of the cornea takes place.

The secretion of urine is often greatly reduced in quantity and of very dark color, due perhaps to the large quantity of serum which is discharged from the bowels, and to the diminished quantity ot water taken. George Turner, at that time Medical Officer of Health for the Transvaal, it was decided to start a rinderpest station at Daspoort, so that the laboratory could be utilised in connection with the preparation of serum. Ordinary in the Faculty of Medicine of Paris; Member of the Biological Society; Physician to the Hospital of Porte D'Aubervilliers.