Welch, some of the more difficult clinical laboratory investigations were carried on in the pathological laboratory of the university and hospital.

Not that it is of itself a disease of any great importance, being unattended with any suffering, very generally disappearing spontaneously, when its course is not indiscreetly interfered with, and seldom, if ever, entailing any danger on the person in whom it appears. He intended to commence anew, and bought twenty head of healthy shoats. Then fasten a torch to the man's thigh, take hold of his hand and let him pass seven times and again seven times across the encircled water taken from the Euphrates (

Butts in Henry VIII, where he plays a trifling and Of the irascible French physician. Coils of were white cells, the rest were the nuclei of red cells, for in No eosinophiles and no mastzellen. On being opened after removal anastomosis was found to be perfect, the intima being absolutely smooth.

Six weeks from this time the lateral distortioa was entirely overcome, and the heel was beginning to come down. There was nothing of importance in the subsequent history of the case and the patient appeared as usual on the night of his death. Five may not seem a large figure, but it constitutes nearly two per cent of our And now comes a most important fact. After a long time the setter crept carefully up to the shadow and put his foot upon it. I have deemed it not improper, therefore, to endeavour succinctly to bring the history of the case down to the present time. The action of the oil had the desired effect in softening and bringing about the discharge and expulsion of a large number of biliary calculi, from the size of a small hickory nut, down to a small pea, giving to the patient the much-wanted relief that all such patients feel. He contributed freely to medical literature, his papers being regarded as of high on the occasion of the International Medical Congress to be held in the early part of that month. We occasionally lose young cattle by a disease known as black leg. The incision described usually gives sufficient room for the subsequent proceedings; Ceccherelli, however, found it necessary to resect the eleventh and twelfth ribs, but his patient died from the consequences of his wounding the pleura. He had had gonorrhoea and evidently lues also. If, at the end of a small pause, she was asked to put out her tongue, she ignored the request, but at the end of a varying time, when her breath became short, she would put out her tongue for a long time.

The treatment advocated is mani festly based on the results of this study; while there are yet evidences of the fact that his treatment is also based on the results of a large clinical experience. The islands or cell-nests described by Bunting are well seen and many of the large non-granular cells in the center of the nests show karyokinetic figures. It is not a polycholia, which is a name only rightly applicable to an increase of all the bile constituents, but a poly chromia; and the j aundice so frequently associated with this change is due, not to increased absorption of bile from the intestine, but to absorption from the bile passages as the result of increased viscidity. He graduated at the Missouri Medical College; and soon after removed to Alabama, where he when he settled in Washington County, Texas.

It is the sun-dried leaves of this plant which form the coca of South American commerce, and which in Inca times constituted the usual money or medium of exchange in Peru. The so-called" Christian Scientist" has discovered this, finds for himself a satisfactory explanation in his circumscribed religion, and with a simple ignorance of the elements of the natural sciences, constructs a grotesque system, which, while helping some, leads many astray. It remains only to add a word or two as to what should be done for some lardaceous symptoms which have not been dealt with in this view.


Now, when we consider that flour is the pre-eminent food of the present time, we think we are not mistaken if we neurasthenia and other nerve disorders, as compared to former times, when the use of flour was not so common, other things being equal, to the use of this impoverished food. Of late, be says, they are rapidly gaining adherents, and Niemeyer especially applied them clinically.