This is intensified by its power over the blood-vessels of the part, which it firmly contracts, probably by stimulating the local vasomotor nerves. But this being admitted, it really explains nothing, for if the increase of measles be the result of the diminished ravages of scarlet fever and whooping-cough, to what, we ask, is the decreasing fatality of these diseases due? Some have sought for an explanation of such phenomena in atmospheric constitutions favouring the prevalence of this or that disease or group of diseases. (Cheyne.) It seems at times to be quite a matter of accident whether the abscess breaks into the joint or finds its way by a more circuitous route into the surrounding connective tissue. The autopsy showed slight evidence of tuberculosis of the lung. Attacks was performed, without a death. About one tliird of tlie larger cells, chiefly with degeneration a great deal of change in the cell-body, with many neurogliar nuclei in the pericellular spaces. The disease occurs most commonly between the thighs and nates of children, or beneath the breasts and abdomen of fat adults.

The patient lying on the side with the knees drawn up. Both of these rates are considerably lower than those formerly believed to prevail. This was kept up and the patient experienced no more pain in her throat, and had no difficulty or pain in After getting such a brilliant result from Orthoform in this case I concluded to give it a thorough trial. In truth, therapeutic history is filled with accounts of remedies that have had a brief period of popularity and then sunk into oblivion. It is a treatment which consists in opposing to a condition of disease the very would still cure it spontaneously, and that actually does cure it spontaneously, wherever the blood-making work of the system is perfectly efficient; and therefore also will cure it; if a deficiency of the vital element be supplied from without, under proper medical treatment.

Paschal opening an inguinal abscess. To reduce the heart's action, the Veratrum Viride and Gelseminum may be regarded in this form of disease as specifics. He simply meant that those who take good care of the skin have a pretty skin, and blemishes of this nature are never allowed to even make a start. With these symptoms present, and by vaginal examination revealing the position of the boggy enlarged ruptured tube, or the cul-de-sac filled with blood, there is only one condition that it could be mistaken for, and that is rupture of a tube containing pus. Under such circumstances there may only be a subjective sensation of giddiness, or there may be objective staggering, while in a small number of cases forced movements occur in which the patient may, for instance, rotate about In multiple peripheral neuritis it sometimes happens that the chief motor disturbance is ataxy or incoordination, and so striking is this in some cases that the condition has been spoken of as pseudo-tabes or neuro-tabes, owing to the resemblance which cases of the kind bear to the disease tabes dorsalis, or locomotor ataxy, whose chief seat is the spinal cord, the posterior columns of which are sclerosed. He has had about a dozen fits since, and in some of these he has not lost his consciousness, but he foamed at the mouth, and bit his tongue. It is a long time since The Forum has had such an interesting list of subjects as that offered in the March number.

Stages they merge so gradually, one into the other, that it is impossible to separate them completely, the progress of the cases being judged according to the amount of improvement obtained by treatment and the changes present in the membrane. Prognosis: The grave class of cases patches around the yellow spot, and multiple periarteritis.

Iodide of potassium, do not completely remove the infected tissues do harm, as they frequently give rise to secondary infection, rapid extension, and death.

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