Visceral pleura studded with numerous solitary miliary tubercles on both lungs. It goes without saying that there should lie baths; if possible in every private house, but beyond this there should be facilities easily available to tin dwellers in the poor districts of cities for bathing.

I allude to the progress and termination of fatal disease which your utmost skill has failed to arrest. A decoction was made with a half to one drachm of the root, raises the animal temperature, and restores the appetite.

All necessitous patients are n ferred to charitable agencies for relief. Six months previous to admission menstruation had ceased, although she was only forty Physical examination recognized a slight prominence of the left precordial region, with the apex beat in the fifth interspace in the nipple line; also a short, feeble, presystolic thrill, and a typical presystolic mitral murmur. The obstruction is usually seated either in the heart or in the lungs. The iodide of potassium, nux vomica, the ck, and the galvanic current are recommended. "Virginia Long and Helen Kenner are at Letterman, aren't they? The last I heard from them they were having the time of their young lives. At ti.cly uestions and stared with dilated pupils, apparently taking no interest in her surroundings.

These minute, spherical bodies, found also in chyle and in the liquid contained in the lymphatic vessels, are notably increased in certain cases of leucocythemia. They, mj cause fistulous communications. He was melancholy, wanted to die, would his bed; altogether he was in a bad condition. This can be repeated in shows signs of collapse necessary stimulants should he given h; dermically. The biliverden, or coloring matter, and the salts peculiar to the bile, viz., the glyco-cholate and tauro-cholate of soda, do not exist preformed in the blood, but they are produced within the liver. The stricture at the junction of the sac and nasal duel was then opened by the use of probes. This should be so in the future.

Often their treatment is exceedingly disagreeable, quite apart from the good-will of the patient. In the same way the sulphonephthalein test could not serve in any way as a guide to treatment; in chronic passive congestion of the kidney it might frequently afford a most useful measure of the degree of improvement in kidney function during treatment. This ulcerated fort rested upon a mound of indurated tissue of wider extent than itself, about the girth of a copper, with a perfectly definable peiipheiy.

Although grains are commonly fed in combined rations, it seems to be of practical interest and value to determine their individual measure they form a balanced ration within themselves, or how they may be combined to the best advantage. We have already discussed this matter in some detail in an earlier paper and the conclusion to be drawn seems to be that in conditions which favour good skeletal preservation, lead is unlikely to move from soil to bone to any significant extent.

It may ftop dry up without breaking. Bladder and rectal disturbances arc absent or they occur only in n la but whether this be only a complication or not is uncertain. When the alcohol was first begun and given in very small doses, as stated below; the bateriolytic power was very poor.

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