IT The kynges of England, by tTiQ power that Grod hath gyuen to theTW, dothe make sicke rynges,' me whyche rynges, wome on ones fynger, dothe Kings, helpe them the whyche hath the Crampe. In bending over to loosen his shoe string he was attacked by a sharp pain in the region of the heart.

There is the possibility of wounding one of the nerves of the cauda equina and fatal, hemorrhage has occurred. These began invariably in some single tumor upon the forearm and radiated from that point in all directions, but particularly toward the fingers; occasionally upward as far as the- neck. Coils slightly adherent through veins in portal fissure much thickened, and the portal vein contained clot. Perhaps today more than ever before in the history of our race is the spirit of speed manifesting itself; swiftness of the automobile and flying machine with its violent deaths; swiftness in the social circle leading to moral depravity; swiftness for financial gain leading often to wrecked fortune. We emphasize the ingratitude of kings and emperors as we hold up to our sons the glowing picture of a republic. It is so easy to tie them off, cut away and exclaim over a coipus luteum or some other normal something found in every healthy ovary.

It may be closely united with the genio-hyo-glossus or hyo-glossus. Recently more attention has been given to careful study and treatment a very comprehensive article on acne in the May number of the Louisville Monthly Journal of Medicine and Surgery. Many of the brethren who entered this"easy and profitable field" two years ago are learning to their sorrow that Mr. Its spread in hot climates had been attributed to its dissemination in dust, and experimentaUy it had been shown that the bacillus could be dried and blown about, and then give cultures.

Can there not be a black list prepared, to which all physicians can have access? So soon as a doctor is defrauded of his fee by one of these parasites, he might publish the name and address in some local journal with which arrangements had been made to have space allotted to such a black list. But if the observer places bis own eye exactly at the far point of the eye under examination, the lilting of the mirror will not cause any shadow to appear in the pupil at all, as long as any of the rays from the mirror enter the pupil. Herman that the interference with the natural course of labour was to be avoided. The treatment of eclampsia by vaginal or abdominal Csesarean section seemed to him to be on a par with the a proposal which he held to be quite unjustifiable. (thirty minims) capacity, since by frequent uncorking of the bottle the contained sample of amylic nitrite gets" flat" and loses its efficacy through chemical change brought about by the exposures to air.

One morning he had me called up in order to show me his foot, in which he had excruciating pain. We read of sudden death, pestilence, and the troubles of old age, but there is hardly any Although the poet exhibits considerable acquaintance with medical lore, and the human body in health and disease, he could have had little or no acquaintance with anatomy, because amongst Greeks, as amongst Jews, it was considered a profanation to dissect or mutilate It was not till the rise of the Alexandrian school in the golden age of the Ptolemies that this sentiment was overcome. Apparently no change in tuberculosis of lung. When in the asylum of Dalldorf (Hamburg), she had epileptic fits about every eight or fourteen days; besides, it was observed that she experienced alternations of agitation and calmness, each of In the period of agitation the turgescence and redness of the face were most pronounced, the pulse was full, the skin warm, and actively transpiring, at the same time that the mental condition was one of extreme obstinacy. If a man calls you"Doc" and tries to be familiar, be polite and cool to him and avoid all"mixing up." It is well to remark to your patients at times that drugs unwisely handled are more dangerous than disease. Chicago, University abuse during pregnancy: Severity and frequency of injuries and dangerousness in mental patients.

As we write this we learn that the governor has met the State Board to discuss the matter and doubtless he will now give his assistance in exterminating the pest. The first object is accomplished by sedatives in small doses and frequently repeated. Chain of lymphatic glands, when enlarged, can be easily felt. In the sensitized-reinjected group, therefore, the anaphylactic antibodies had been removed more or less, while they were still present abundantly in the sensitized group.

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