Finally, tennis and baseball should be mentioned for the young and vigorous. The anatomico-pathological lesions found in it when the injections are made into a branch of the portal vein are of great importance. In ward carriages, wherein as much provision for sittiug-up of train the sitting accommodation in the coaches often cases to sitting-up cases, the of the cases irrigation treatjnont is being applied. There is low muttering delirium, which gradually passes into coma. The reviews Americans basked in the limelight. Twenty-two days subsequently, however, death suddenly ensued from rupture of the aorta, at the point of union of the artery with the front wall of the sac. With easier lueth and where owing to the unhealthy state of ods of demonstrating the organism the time the enlarged parts a low form of chronic will no doubt come when the spirocheta of inflammation has set up.


The efiBcient prophylactic effect of flavine coiupounds in the treatment of contaminated wounds in civil practice before suppuration had set iu bears out this view. The point I want to make here is that the animal body interposes a something, a barrier, if you will, between itself and parasites that are trying to gain a foothold; and that the subsequent fate of the animal will depend largely on the competence and integrity of this barrier. I also took occasion to show that Dr. Pitcher for trial, it was determined to test their merits, as far as the limited quantity would admit.

He found that not only did the movements originate in the spinal cord, but that they orignated, in all probability, in the motor cells, because when he galvanized the bared sciatic nerve, although the animal exhibited no signs of pain, the movements in the hindleg were at once inhibited.

In spite of a philosophical tendency of mind, which found expression in a number of contiibutioiis to serious reviews, he was one of the earliest to draw practical attention to the value of.special industrial colonies for the epileptic, and may be correctly described as the originator of the scheme adopted later by the Loudon County Council when the colony for the insane epileptic was founded at Epsom.

While the functional activity of the stomach from a roentgenological point of view may indicate the presence of an ulcer, the filling defect or deformity may be absent and may not be revealed in the plates, owing to the fact that only wdien the lesion is situated on the anterior surface of the stomach and along the anterior surface of the lesser and greater curvatures can this condition be observed. A great many of the indications accepted by surgeons in other countries are omitted.

At eight breath that he could complaints hardly talk. He informed me that should he be detailed for further work of this kind he will be protected by rubber gloves, which will be all the more necessary as the attack will probably render his skin hypersensitive for some time to come to tlic action of the explosive powder and irritants Having had several cases of dermatitis from the bombed day. Waldo, of Tecousia, Calhoun Co., informs me that in the north part of this (Branch) county no epidemic has prevailed; sporadic dysentery, erysipelas, pertussis and rubeola simplex, have been extant, but generally mild. A white girl, aged four writer:"A boarder in our house took me up to his room and put me on the bed. Address Unknown Henderson, Carolyn L. Following the closing of the State Sani- Following the report from the City Health session of the Stale Board of Health in season had occurred in persons using open Raleigh last week where a proposition from wells and not city water from the Catawba consent a bill will be introduced in the water examined had shown more contami present special session of the Legislature nation than the raw river water, the Char lotte Board of Health have ordered the di infection and closing of the open wells: Charlotte Health Department (like Asheville) is to issue a monthly Health Department Bulletin for the dissemination of sanitary information and records among its at the Country Club by the Mecklenburg entertained the members present with an account of his recent studies in the circulation of the kidney. Occasionally, the salicylates are indicated, and prove serviceable.

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