We cannot doubt that as these vessels, comparatively so remote, are thus affected, so the part of the corneal tissue intervening between them, and the exact seat of injury, is pervaded by a corresponding change, of which the general nutritive vigour; the play of forces, and the interchange of material which mark the nutritive function, being more energetic and more rapid than before.

The whole of these regulations are well worthy of the attention of all professional men. Drawn and engraved from a specimen secured by Dr. A.nd if at any time this be requisite, it is most especially necessary in youth, when the whole energies of the system are directed to the development of the various organs of the body, and when there is, consequently, a peculiar want of healthy and completely elaborated blood. While I was an interne of the Charity Hospital, Some five years ago I saw a very beautiful case of macular leprosy. The remaining pages are devoted to quotations from the writings of Dr. According to Mulder, a less amount of tannin than is contained in one ounce of Peruvian bark would, if conveyed directly into the It is not known, with any degree of certainty, how the gelatinous tissues are produced in the animal body; they are undoubtedly not derived in a direct manner from vegetables. The female slaves,) in the liglit of a commodity for tnifRc. Fruitnight: In regard to simple incision of the thrombotic variety of hemorrhoids, my experience confirms what the author has said about the tendency of the tumor to refill. In that of Edinburgh, no order is prescribed; but in St Andrews and Glasgow, the class of Physics still stands after those of mental philosophy. Many a man is bankrupt in constitution at forty-five, and either takes out a cessio of for his stock-in-trade; he spends his capital instead of merely spending what he makes, or better still, laying up a purse for the days of darkness and old age. Loftus has assembled his observations into an easily read and understandable little volume. Pable,""palpable one,""palpable two," Where reference is made to the morand"palpable three or more fingers' tality rate from malaria in the several relaxed. It will shine through all the long years of the Twentieth Century." In an editorial which recently appeared in the British Medical Journal, it was said:" Standing as we do on the verge of a new era in treatment, it would be rash indeed to attempt to predict the future of We have not yet solved the great problem of life. Whenever you find a patient suffering pain in the jaw or face, or ear, and is unable to state the. The stitches are not removed until the tenth day, and the patient is kept in bed until the seventeenth day. The more I observe stricture of the urethra, the more firmly I am convinced that the hard stricture may be successfully treated by gradual dilation. Commemorative symbol will he awarded annually, depending on availability of suitable candidates. With a straight or slightly curved forceps it is difficult to ligate the vessels in the throat, due to the fact that the end of the hemostat is often caught in the knot, it being difficult to push the knot off the end of the hemostat The hemostat shown in the cut avoids this trouble. The inflammatory action may last for some time before the supervention of suppuration, and, in the meanwhile, occasion violent intermittent attacks of pain, not confined to the tooth alone, but often extending to the face and head, in which situations the pain may be far more intolerable than in the tooth itself. It is felt on general principles that closer liaison of the postgraduate education activities of the Illinois State Medical Society and of the American Academy of General Practice would be helpful to all concerned. The dura was incised in the middle fossa. All such cases should have a negative blood Wassermann before any operative interference is attempted. The investigation has been continued and has shown the possibility of employing a' sinusoidal current of high frequency as an anesthetic. "The prisoner will be detained in Newgate until after her expected confinement, when the commuted punishment will be A LARGE and influential meeting of the members of the profession, convened by public advertisement, was held at the Law Society's Rooms, Manchester, on Thursday of the provisional committee, appointed for the Government of a Medico-Ethical been read, the following resolutions were Moved by J. We must treat symptoms as they arise, and by the proper, indicated remedy, on strictly homoeopathic principles: adjuvants, such as a cheerful life, plenty of fresh air (sea and mountain alternately), wellVentilated rooms, repose but not solitude, warm salt-water bathing and douching, skm-friction, massage, and electricity; good nutritious food, iron, zinc, phosphorus, hypophosphites, coca, and strychnia. Fluid negative on guinea-pig inoculation. Close Hesseltine, and the new members of the headquarters staff. These sub-committees are: Audio-Visual, Media Relations, Community Relations, Member Relations, and Group Liaison.


This defect may be detected by prothrombin consumption or thromboplastin generation tests.

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