The helpless state of the limbs is the consequence only. In fact, the operations of this valuable institution are to be completely suspended for the present, and the building, which was used for the purposes of the school, is to be devoted to the reception of fever patients. Rossbach's reply to this is that there are many poor preparations of papayotin in the market, and that Stumpf must have experimented with some of them. Bentley, Judson, Gill and Kinloch. It is an unearthly looking creature, and" might fitly be the quadrupedal form in which the ancient sorcerers were wont to clothe themselves on their nocturnal excursions." There seems to be little doubt that some animals presented at cat-shows as specimens of the Manx are really common cats with the tails cut off. In conducting analyses of urines thus collected, it is always well to proceed in a definite, orderly manner. I have no intention, for it is unnecessary, to enter upon the rehearsal of a long list of cases in evidence of this exposition. I saw him two or three times on the same afternoon; on the last occasion I was called up, it was to assist Johnson out of bed; the prisoner's father called me up.

This oppression of the precordia is one of the constant symptoms of this disorder; it begins, increases, and ends with it. I believe it to be the best method. I only mention the two views here, with the object of removing any ambiguity that might arise in your minds while reading the descriptions that have been given by difl'erent chemists of this secretion. The bronchi were preternaturally pale, and contained no secretions.

Also a collyrium containing saffron.

Rest in bed, with attention to the bowels and general health, was prescrilied; and some ten days later, although walking with diffi' Read before the.American Electro-Therapeutic Association, culty, he was able to be upon his feet and to come to H, lawyer, aged thirty-eight years, male, came under observation. Rossbach prefers ether as a solvent. It seems probable that both the streptococcus and the colon bacillus can be disregarded in this case. Carbolic acid has proved serviceable as a preventive. Night is the best time to apply it. What we style inflammation of the bones, differs from that of the softer parts.

In arthritis deformans there is less restriction of the movements at the joint, and if the patient is anaesthetised the rotation movements impart a sensation of roughness or In hysterical affections of the hip, while there may be the typical attitude and rigidity of tuberculosis, pain and tenderness are exaggerated, the pains are more diffuse, the tender points vary from time to time, and there is no swelling; when the attention of the patient is distracted it may be possible to elicit movement at the joint or to alter the attitude of the limb; the patient's sleep is rarely disturbed, and the condition may be of long duration without any signs of progress towards destruction of the articular disease is more serious than in tuberculosis of other joints, excepting only those of the spine. And, ere many days had passed or many times the stars had beamed and ceased to beam, his manly boy was dead, and he himself had followed after. The navicular bone is behind and below the lower bone of the pastern and above the coffin bone of the hoof. The annual meeting of the Medico-Chirurgical Society was held on Wednesday, when the president, Mr. Twenty-eight days later a similar operation was performed on the other side, and a tube passed into the ventricle. So you see it is quite feasible to arrive at a very probable diagnosis of the location of a valvular murmur, even though we cannot determine the period of the heart's action when it occurs. Smears from these colonies showed short chains of was no growth on potato. With respect to the compression of the veins of the neck influencing an attack of epilepsy, he alluded to an experiment which used to be performed by the late Sir Astley Cooper, and which consisted in tying the jugular and vertebral veins in a rabbit, with the invariable result of producing convulsion. There were marked engorgement and turgidity of the retinal veins.

Yet, in some constitutions, the milk, from the mother's constitution, disagrees; sometimes the farinacea become acescent and flatulent.

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