It has been stated that both ultonded the clini(iue of that eminent surgeon for two sessions in I.SGi-Ori, I aui in u position to mention the nature of the wound dressings then employed by him. Wiley, who has also analyzed the preparation, states in his its exposure of an impudent mail-order fraud known as"Marjorie Hamilton's first series of advertisements stated: Those who answered the advertisement received a series of follow-up letters from Cunningham written in his most engaging style. Sherman was one of the most widely known physicians of the State. The claimant s.ays he is deaf in his right oar. Furthermore, that it was effective as a cure for locomotor ataxia, Bright's disease, diabetes, dropsy, hydrocele, stone in the kidney, all stomach troubles, gallstones, appendicitis and all skin diseases.

An appreciation of this condition was obtained only by my x-ray examination; on the other hand, the fluoroscope may show that there is little emphysema when auscultation and percussion suggested that it was present to a considerable degree. Nonpro'essi nal readers; they may, from these letters, glean the principles upon which young persons should be educated, and derive much useful information, which will apply to the preservation of health at GREGORY ON ANIMAL MAGNETISM-(Now Ready.) DESCRIPTION AND ANALYSIS OF THE PHENOMENA. He was unable to separate his jaws, and had taken food through an opening made by the removal of appearances were observed at the seat of anchylosis: u The jaws on the left side were perfectly united, and only the smallest degree of motion could be made on the right; the soft parts were removed, and the base of the skull was macerated, when anchylosis was discovered to exist between the lower and upper jaw on the left side; the ramus of the inferior maxilla immediately external to the mental foramen extending upwards by a broad thin plate, and uniting with a corresponding plate of the superior maxilla, a cartilaginous material forming the bond of this"The articulation of the jaws was normal, and if the exact seat of the anchylosis had been known during life, it is probable that an operation miorht have been successful in restoring to a great degree the functions of establishment of an institution for Diseases of the Eye in this city, under of the kind is much wanted, and we doubt not its success, from the talent brought to bear upon it. Bom liquid during the first moments in which they breathe the air; they are frequently obliged to be placed upon the side, in order to fa. Andrews publishes letters from Ecuador, that speak almost as highly of its uses as their predecessors did of Sarsaparilla. Perkins apparently acts for Chappell both a nostrum concern having the same address as the Lexington Drug and Those who sent their money to the Waterman Institute for the"epilepsy cure" prefer to get the nostrum through Perkins directory of Red Bank receive"Prescription product, get a bottle of"Dr. There are eyen spedes As to the tunic of the smooth or simple eyes, it is seldom black liumber of species. It has since appeared in a neat pamphlet form. In cases due to flexions ho strongly recommends the use of his stein pessary, and the article closes with candid directions for A Journal of Medicine, Surgery, and Allied Sciences, jniHisked weekly by All communications for tlie Editors, and all books for review, should be addressed to the Editors of the Boston Medical and Surgical Jiturnal.

We know, that in certain variolous epidemics of great malignity, scarcely anything affords immunity from the disease, and very many of those who have been vaccinated, as well as of those who have already had the smallpox, either from inoculation or otherwise, are attacked with more? or less violence. If you pull it out of the external ring you are liable to tear it within the canal. Decoction op Cantharides in Turpentine. The actual exchange of gases between the tidal and the stationary air takes place by diflEusion, The result of the esptra ory exchano-e is that the expired air is saturated with - moisture, is wanner than the inspired air, and contains about five per cent, less oxygen, about four per cent, more carbonic acid, and a minute (piantity of obscure deleterious substances of unknown nature, to which the odour of the breath is due. The light from my hands and half pulled me from the operating table. What, then, are the special characteristics of these two signs? In cavernous respiration inspiration is blowing and low in pitch, while expiration has the same qualitj' with a still lower pitch. Ordered the ice to be used daily two aud one half hours upon awaking, one and a half depression almost gone; appetite excellent. In from ten to fifteen minutes after boiling has commenced the thermometer will register the maximum point, which is also marked on the glass, correction being made for barometric pressure. With a sharp small-bladed knife he makes a single transverse incision across the lower part of the hollow depression felt by the finger, just above the cricoid ring, through the skin and membrane at once, right into the windpipe. Cretins also, whose cerebral deficiency is undoubted, are characterized by a thick, pendent lower lip, large, swollen tongue, big lower jaw, and their teeth are carious and wide apart, the permanent ones seldom replacing the temporary set. When, however, we take into consideration the nature and extent of the difficulties we have to contend with in treating a fracture generally so unfavorable from its obliquity, and surrounded bv such powerful muscles as that of the femur, we could not feel safe in employing it without such alteration as would take from it some of its most characteristic peculiarities. Carbonate of potassa Liniment with Carbonate of Potassa. Some people are always ailing.

It is admitted immediately from the sick to the well.

All the infants lived, with the exception of one at the seventh month, which healthy, Irish woman, thirty-three years old, and mother of five children. This infection or entry of germs often results when there is even a slight irritation of the Throat, and the use of Dr.

The first of the surgical articles is entitled Surgical Cases, by Dr. Lawrence which flow past Montreal, are of two kinds: the one, coasting along the right side of the river, appertains to the Ottawa; the other, flowing on the left side, comes from the Upper Lakes.