Beard recommends potassium bromide as a prophylactic, urging its use several days before going on board, and pushing it to the physiological effect of bromism. Deviation in this direction from the normal condition of the pigment is its development in excess upon such parts of the skin of many persons as are exposed to the weather, which we call tan. Can it be said that on this account they are more violentiy According to this theory, they should be so, and they would perhaps be so, if they had not provided in season against the ill effects of this greater nervous irritabilily by carefully repressing, more than we do, aU movements of impatience. A correct diagnosis must, of course, be made, for to proceed too hastily to radiography might cause the operator to overlook a beginning cancer or a would only be technical as the rays could be the treatment of choice under such circumstances, although many would doubtless prefer extirpation. Plain and ornamental specimens were also exhibited of Buchan's patent Induced Current Fixed Ventilators for soil pipes, drains, and sewers, also for churches, halls, schools, houses, and buildings generally. The statistics given today may help to warn laryngologists when they use that wonderful remedy, without which we could hardly exist, namely, adrenalin.

People could understand those things if their doctors would only take the trouble to explain them, and then if they have something a little the matter with their ears they will go to the doctor's and have it looked after. Xot only uses outer wedge to sole but also a steel plate on bottom of it. It was not until half a century later that the existence of the pressure of the air was demonstrated and the barometer and the air pump were invented, so that scientists could begin to observe the effect of a vacuum and of rarefied air upon living that the tension of the air, lessened in accordance with the altitude, must have caused the difficult respiration in Acosta.

Any thorough and comprehensive efforts have been made in that direction.

All these characteristics would not be found in case of dyspocea caused by anatomical lesions, and can only be supposed in case of stoppage of the breath by spasmodic contraction of the bronchial tubes, The occurrence of miliary tubercles in the choroid in this disease was first observed by Mauz. The history of medicine, while it is most interesting, is also most painful. The patient complained of headache; and so the operation, which had lasted about two minutes, was concluded. He reduced his doses gradually, but found even fractions of grains in some cases excited aggravation of the patient's symptoms. Whilst the absorption of oxygen by the luemogiobin has nothing directly to do with the pressure, it is, striking that auy atmosphere coiitaius enough oxygen by weight for the hjemogloliin in the blood, Tvhen the partial ja'essiu'e of the can be supported with considerable differences of pressure.

He said he quite agreed that in many cases the making of a diagnosis was by no means easy. No one man could possibly do all tliis effectually, and the Sanitary Department selected a certain number and established them in dispensaries; while the remainder, concentrated iu the chief towns of each province, would be called on to perform toui's of iiwpection at stated should he insjiected and reported on at least twice a year. The author mentions the interesting fact that the suppurations of joints, which occur in pyaemia very frequently, are not accompanied by any pain, so that the patients do not even allude to them, while the acute suppurations of joints dependent on other causes are so extremely painful. Secretary Stanhope on the matter. Much eructation of gas from stomach, which she said of the attack, as it did not appear until an hour or more after the attack began, and there was no evidence of any gastro-intestinal disturbances.

They will show that the method of its employment deserves to be, at least, as generally known as the use of the stethoscope or tbe tests applied to months advanced in pregnancy. Physicians treated these cases medically; surgeons operated. It is, then, under the cancer, and not a spot of leukoplakia.

On one occasion a man affected with intractable otorrhoea was brought to him; he examined the car, used a pair of forceps, and drew out a white worm, two thirds of an subsided at Cincinnati. Right auricle swollen and full of blood. After a time such attacks come on spontaneously, and may occur in rapid succession; but' ultimately the epileptic condition and the anaesthesia of the epileptogenic zone is found to vanish. Of course, there are families who will sadly impose on the good nature of any doctor who will submit to it. The uterus was rather larger than ordinarj'. This splint was concave on the surface next to the leg, and contained a cup-shaped cavity to receive the mallenlus. The belly was considerably swollen, and immediately above the pubes there was a firm tumour, apparently independent of the general swelling, which was painful on pressure. The objections to perpendicular sections need only for their substantiation a few comparative trials on the part of the cylinders anastomosing and passing into enlarged and thickly packed concentric the subcutaneous tissue they should be freed from everything except the tightly embracing connective tissue, and a horizontal section will show how the growth of and the lymph vessels which are still intact, causing tiiem to arrange themselves concentrically around the knot, and pressing the lymphatic net-work more dosely deep into the orbital tissue, will Show the where the cancer is still advancing is always the best place for examination; the flat epithelial cancers, thfe so called ttlcera rodentia, the best adapted for examination; the least adapted being the fissured cancers riable thickness, with swollen and knot-like expulsions, and meandering in their cOurBe; thick and thin cylinders are united, and the branch which connects them is now thicker and now thinner than the main trunk.

The committee in charge of this movement in Glasgow have this by subscriptions from week to week, and the committee intends to continue sending others to the end of the month of August.

The condition of the nervous centres, however, gives us a satisfactory clue to this circumstance. Pertaining to or containing nitrogen.

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