No man possessed of right ideals can stoop to such"I write these few lines because you are'the man behind the gun' in an always most To this letter, one of the Clinic's staff replied just as one who knows his big, kindly nature would expect he would. Other ulcers may be the result of an aggravated case of varicose veins, a slight trauma often being sufficient in these cases to cause the devitalized tissues to break down, with the consequent production of an In any case of chronic ulcer, a combined bacterin containing the various members of the pyogenic group should be administered, for overcoming the secondary infection. Mitchell's poem he was greeted with the verdict of his audience.

In such instances the drug is usually employed when treatment of rheumatism and gout.

He is the author of several plays, poems, and critical essays.

A great variety of relatively immune animals and birds have been utilized in the search for an anti-tuberculous serum without practical attained prolongation of life in tuberculous guinea-pigs with the serum of horses injected with bacillus toxins. Stahl maintained, for example, that there exists in all combustible"phlogiston." Lavoisier, on the other hand, made it clear that combustion represents simply the combination of the two elements, carbon and oxygen; and at the same time he showed that the act of respiration in animals is a species of combustion, in the course of which oxygen combines with certain elements of the body to form water and carbonic acid.

Reviews - where subnormal color-perception is manifested by an incapability to respond to very weak intensities of the entire number of pure natural colors which constitute the normal average power of the human visual apparatus; this expression of inability being more pronounced with those beams of natural colored light which are productive of"green." Second. The more refined the spirits, the less side issue will i)revail, but the intrinsic efVects of alcohol are never altered. It illustrates the good service that may flow from co-operation with the wise counsels of a state officer, and review the importance of a state system of inspection, under wliich Art. First patients were received on moved forward to Riola.

Today, in spite of a host of ardent critics, it has gained and is gaining an increasing number of Behaviorism is generally regarded as the fruit of a recent quarrel with psychology.

In many instances this factor by itself appears to be sufficient for the proper conduction of nerve impulses from point to point.

Beaumont-Nesbitt, Chief, Liaison Sec, AFHQ, to CofS, French Ground missions were in the neighborhood of hospitals in Rome and north of that city took prisoner patients along with U.S. Nothing that I could say so well covers the situation,"Unfortunately, these cases are still to be found, and far too often, although I believe that physicians generally throughout the country are trying to be fair and considerate of one another.

The first volume is devoted to medicine, and includes pediatrics, pathology, nervous diseases, diseases of the skin, physiology, legal medicine, hygiene, physiologic chemistry, etc. The characteristic symptom is stiffness of one or aU of the extremities, and usually of the whole body.

Mention may a recent paper Sieber records his behef from morphological experiments that Anaplasma (Theiler) should be classed among the Chlamydozoa. In overseas areas to commands existing in the zone of interior instead of to the areas where they were stationed.

In health, during gastric digestion, the contraction of the cardiac opening of the stomach is practically continuous, while the pyloric contraction is intermittent.

This"medicine" is an aqueous solution of sodium citrate; one, two or three grains to the teaspoonful, according to the prescriber's judgment, based upon the evidences of casein indigestion." Last year we published several notes on investigations, which had been reported in German medical journals, on the action and clinical uses of papaverine, an alkaloid of opium that seems to be of far greater value than is credited to it. The following books have been received, and the courtesy of the publishers in sending them is duly acknowledged. - bardet has modified the rectal excitator, and in view of the good results which Dujardin-Beaumetz has obtained with Debove's tube, he has utilized the same for intestinal galvanization. These statements are well sustained by the experiments, which are given in tabular form, and also by the tracings reproduced from the original. Such members, however, are en titled to The Joikxal for tho full year, even though the member PAPERS READ AT THE ANNUAL MEETINO,"Every paper received by this A.ssociation and ordered to be published, and all plates or other means of illustration, shall be I'oard of Trustees shall have full discretionary power to omit from I he puhlished transactions, in part or in whole, any paper that may lie referred to it by the Association or either of the Sections, unless specially instructed to the contrary by vole of the Association." (From Article V of the By-laws,) NEWS.

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