A condition marked by a peculiar change in spots of color of the skin, anaemia, general languor and debility, and supposed to be connected with a morbid change in the supra-renal capsules. He took his medical degree Connecticut, having settled in Hartford, and for eleven years he was the secretary of the Connecticut Medical Society. The rays which before were beyond the range of the objective are now brought, by refraction, to a smaller angular deviation, the spectrum is taken up by the objective, and the markings are resolved. Very often, but not nearly so constantly, we observe also certain superficial patches of inflamed mucous membrane in the mouth, on the pharynx, palate, tongue, or checks. A third smaller one, of the size of an almond, was also discovered above the sphincter and removed. To warn the community by newspaper writing was too extensive a topic, for him to more than merely mention.

Bowels quite open and regular. More hopefulness and cheerfulness on the part of men leaving infected cantonments for a short time, than in the case of ordinary- marches.

Plato's definition,"A biped without feathers," was turned to ridicule by his cook, who brought in a fowl dressed for the table, with the exclamation,"Here is Plato's man!" Franklin called him"a tool-making animal," so greatly does he facilitate his power by the use of Owing to the peculiar formation of the human hand, so admirably constructed, and so far excelling the corresponding parts of other animals, man has been considered by some naturalists as a distinct order, and called the Bimana ("twohanded" animal). In two instances I have known the inhabitants of a house to be exposed the one case, of a large cesspool; in the other, of a common-sewer.

In the months of July, August, and September, the heat is excessive, and the mortality is great; the seamen from Europe and America suffer in the greatest proportion. In general they convalesce slowly from acute diseases, and have very little resisting power against infections, succumbing easily to attacks of pneumonia, enteric fever, tuberculosis, etc. And this disagreement in the medical profession is no new thing. It should have been added in connection with the schools, both public and private, that no other parasitic disease than tinea tonsurans (and its congener, tinea circinata) It will be noticed that I have neither made any group of tinw, tonsurans el circinata, nor, thus far, made any mention which there were, so far as I could judge personally, a most affected. A member of the profession, who is not a member of the Academy, authorizes us to say that he will give from duty in Department of the Columbia, and to report in person to ccmimanding general, Department of Texas, for of absence for four months, to take effect on arrival of a DiETz, William D., First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon. In about four weeks from the short time each day. Spleen weighed five ounces, and both it and the mesenteric glands were natural in size, color, and consistence. The juice of the lemon and orange, a nice baked apple or pear, or the juice of nice grapes, is the best food for plethoric persons during the first week or two of pregnancy. The Cobre, a sluggish river of considerable depth, passes at the distance of about a quarter of a mile. The preparation requires soaking for four or five hours in water, before use, and then should be cooked very slowly. Now we can take a fluid containing a dozen different varieties of microbes, plate it out, so that as many different kinds of colonies spring up peacefully side by side, each containing only one kind of bacteria, and finally we can transplant a colony of each kind into a separate test-tube, where it will develop into a pure culture, and we can then study at leisure its distinguishing characteristics as to rapidity of growth, shape of colony, demand for or abhorrence of oxygen, formation of gas, color, odor, liquefaction of gelatine, etc., and when we inoculate an animal with such a culture, we know that we are experimenting with only one kind of microorganism. Epileptics that have constant contraction Salpetriere, are at the same time hj-sterics. The prospects of successful treatment were not, therefore, very hopeful. " Nerve affections following diphtheria consist chiefly of impaired, perverted, or excessive sensibility, together with a more or less complete paralysis of the muscles of the fauces, pharynx, tongue, lips, extremities, trunk, and neck. With blood; pain diminished; can lie on either side j has passed two tolerable nights; blister acted slightly. Under the microscope abundance of oil-globules and of granules, and of pus cells are found, and the gland cells are full of oil-globules. This depends not on any organic affection of the retina, but is a muscular print of an ordmary book, who will yet clearlv distinguish objects across a hospital ward. Davis gave, and he concluded by saying that the eliances were fair that in tweutj-four hours the patient would be safe.

Homberger, McFanao, Hutdiison, and others.

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