Pituitrin when used in the second stage seems' to have a marked action in preventing HIGHWAY ACCIDENTS IN THE CITY OF For many years past the mortality resulting from accidents in the city has attracted the attention of the Department of Health, and while the prevention of this cause of death does not fall within the province of this department, it has been felt, nevertheless, that since the department is charged with guarding the health and lives of the residents of and visitors to the city it is but logical that it should be interested in such a numerically important cause of death; and since the death toll of highway accidents has been on the increase this group presents itself as our first point of attack. The theory of opsonins, as promulgated by Wright, is based upon the theory of specificity, and is today considered the dogma of the profession. He was then called upon to study sanitation in the field. Thinking the moan came possibly from the overburdened heart, the little patient was put on half drop doses of tincture of digitalis, with the result of stopping the moan for several months. Under antiluetic treatment there is usually a reduction in the cell count and globulin of the spinal fluid; frequently the Wassermann becomes negative; rarely is there a change in the colloidal gold test. The petechia? develop several days later and are always a secondary manifestation, the hemorrhage appearing in the macules, but not in all of them. The activities of the subsections of ophthalmology and otolaryngology can be considered together, "" as the methods of procedure were the same in each instance. In wounds of the shaft of the larger long bones the fractures are terrific, particularly at the longer ranges; but in the smaller bones which are comparatively solid the holes look as though they had been In the brain, lungs, heart, spleen, kidneys, liver, intestines, and bladder, especially if the organs are full, the explosive or lateral effects of the bullet are simply terrific, tearing every thing around. Va., he had given the results of his observations of gastric motility based upon a series of fourteen infants, making a series of twenty-four experiments, in which about one hundred and twenty-four radiographs were taken. Discussed in connection with American rivers, but cites no authority for his opinion, which is contrary to the officially reported testimony of Medical Inspector General James Anderson and the observations recorded by Stewart Clark. Failure to accomplish a selection favorable enough to the company would necessitate a higher cosl oi insurance. Its use gives satisfactory results in the following infections: dysentery, plague, typhoid fever, malaria, erysipelas, septicemia, puerperal fever, and carbuncles. Professor of Obstetrics, Abdominal Surgery, and Gynecology in the Kentucky School of Medicine; Fellow of the American Gynecological Society, and of the Southern Surgical and Gynecological Society; Gynecologist to the Kentucky School of Medicine Hospital and to the Louisville City Hospital, etc., Louisville, Ky. It acts just as well as antipyrin, antifebrin, quinine, etc., but without secondary manifestations, such as roaring in the ears, vomiting, etc.

In nearly all cases the desire for morphine rests upon a physical basis. Degree to whom these fakers may go and by the payment of JOURNAL OF THE NATIONAL MEDICAL ASSOCIATION cents, get them to sign for a week's benefit for illness in bed when the pretender has not been in bed except at night, and maybe not much of that, nor has the physician been in attendance in any manner whatever. Various cfec, have been attributed to this cause.

When the germs of typhoid fever invade the body their proteins produce within the victim's circulation precipitins for typhoid germs. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. PECHOLIER Des indications dc l'emploi dc la diete laclee, dans Ic traitement de. Joe eyed the rope a minute and then pointed to the usual two ends. We still have valves in the veins which encircle our chest, no longer of any use since we began walking on two legs, but in the lower part of our body nature gave us altogether too few and too weak valves when it allowed us to take the erect posture. Therefore his parting word was that his hearers should make their united influence felt in the promotion of blessed peace. In the upper part of the ileum there was a tract about twelve inches long of an extremely dark red color, with softening of the mucous coat; farther down the mucous membrane presented here and there a livid green color. Tolerance to second injection of the same serum and also to a fresh extract of hyperplastic thyroid. Sir William MacCor.mac, of London, had heard with some surprise that the tendency seemed to be to post pone excision of hip-joint until all other measures had failed. One should interfere whenever there is suspicion of intraperitoneal rupture and not wait for evidences of a peritoneal reaction. It represents only averages and does not take into account the fact that the death rate increases more rapidly than advancing age, while at the same time the increase is not according to any definite or fixed ratio.

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