The action of opium has been explained by its delaying the passage of carbohydrate food through the alimentary tract; in consequence, absorption goes on more slowly and there is better assimilation.

Aortic obstruction exists whenever, dining systole of the ventricles, the blood meets an impediment, be it small or great, to its outflow by the aortic orifice: however clinically convenient it may be, there is no logical reason for appropriatmg the term exclusively to those higher degrees of obstruction that afford diagnostic evidences over and above the existence of a bruit. I will mention here only three of his most important publications.

Thus, when the subject is convinced that he cannot read the letters on the board, it may happen that the automatic writing, controlled by this state of consciousness, will confine itself to translating the same, so that the anaesthetic hand will indistinctly trace the words which the subject is muttering in a low voice to himself, as A second perturbation arises from the fact, that the subject, during the time that the hand is unconsciously writing the word, believes he has a vague perception of this same word.

They live and work together without quarrelling any more than men do. The existing building additional nurses, and cottages for the married "code" staff. In recent researches the same writers show that this air contains a poison (either simple or complex) which can produce death, even when not directly injected into the blood.

Having been kept in bed during the course of the sinusitis, the patient was in the best possible condition to resist the typhoid infection. Midwives are often in a position to observe its earliest symptoms, and it is urged upon them to recommend immediate attendance on the physician of all women, suffering from any uterine trouble whatever, particularly uterine haemorrhage, and more especially if the hoemorrhage occurs about, or after, the critical age of the menopause. Riddell I tried to obtain primary union by protecting the wound against infection from the already infected peritoneum, and agree with him that it is necessary to use some antiseptic to the wound in spite of the damage done to the cells by the chemical. Failure is usually due to gross anatomic Asthma may have a psychic background even when the allergic diathesis is present. The patient made a good i-ecovery, also; and, being young and vigorous, overcame the tendency to scoliosis.

Drugs by the mouth and hot drinks may be given, but, in all probability, they will be vomited. After, a time he returned to Norwich, where he set up in practice as a general surgeon. ABDOMINAL PAIN IN DISEASES OF THE Gynecological Surgeon, Royal Infirmary, Manchester; Surgeon to St. High flushing enemata have their place later on in the treatment when the acuteness of the symptoms has begun to subside and healing has set in, but in the first days such treatment should be At the onset it is a good plan to give a dose of castor oil, two to four laudanum. Some of the recent work on trypanosomiasis points, indeed, to a totally' different conclusion as to coupon the mode of action of trypanocides. Financial status of ovary, an operation for the cure Protoplasm, reaction of, in relation to Prvor, Dr. They appear for treatment during an exacerbation of the disease, and on its subsidence leave the hospital to return to their former mode of living.

Time and if the syinptonis point to a strictly cirenmsoribed focus of disease.

The lumen of the tubes was empty, or contained red cells, or granular debris, or a core of cells which had undergone karyorrhexis, or karyolysis, or were highly polj-morphous with nuclei of bizarre slrape.