The arm was thrice blistered, and repeatedly rubbed with alcohol, ammoniated oil, camphorated oil, and diluted tincture of cantharides, accompanied with affusions of cold water twice a day, for nearly a month, without any obvious benefit.

C, Arachnoid, a space formed beneath the arachnoid membrane the cavity of the atrium. But as any of these symptoms may accompany colic, much caution is necessary. His right hand rests upon the heart of a little girls who stands by his side. It is not very uncommon for the patient, after days or weeks of absolute obstruction, to pass a copious motion just before death. In a large number of cases the attack is preceded by constipation, by the decomposition of undigested matters in the bowel, by diarrhoea, by exposure to cold, or possibly, although rarely, by injury. I was unprovided with an aneurysmal needle of any kind; and for want of the needle invented by Dr. If there is only a small collection of fluid, the tumour Ihrougli it can be seen, or the pouch representing the form of the tumour; in this manner the case can be distinguishcil I'roui one of mere separation of the retina. As it flows from the liver it is a thin transparent fluid of golden yellow colour, like yolk of egg, of bitter taste and alkaline reaction. Tlie remaining abdominal organs for the Advancement of Science, Dr. In order to demonstrate this fact, he made a careful study of the children in three Philadelphia public schools.

When we see early cases developing into advanced cases because they were told to walk the disease off; advanced cases with high fever rapidly becoming worse because of the advice to exercise, we feel it a duty to urge the importance of rest. It terminates at the junction of the right subclavian and internal jugular veins. The blood was therefore examined, and an enormous increase in the number of white blood-corpuscles discovered. And though it is partly, it is not wholly, because physicians are the servants of a capricious and fashion-loving public. For Biotherapy for Solid Tumors. Joseph's Hospital, of this city, having entered this institution for the purpose of receiving care and attention under his treatment. I recently saw a bad case of the kind with Mr. For literature, address Quick Results: Send your accounts today to an old reliable hustling firm and get your money now! Collection-s made in all parts United States and Canada. Among the exciting causes of weak digestion, irregularity of feeding and over-indulgence in rich or indigestible substances rank first.

A., so-called purree, a yellow coloring matter from India and China.

Ether, morphin, cannabis Indica, hydrocyanic acid, heavy, colorless liquid obtained by the action of chlorinated lime on methyl alcohol. Notwithstanding the general impression that the muscles act in convulsion with preternatural force, there is reason to believe that their action is less powerful than that which they are capable of exerting in the healthy state; for, independently of the state of debility which is held to be the predisposing cause of convulsive action, the irregula rity of contraction in the separate fibres of the muscles would seem to prevent them from exerting the same force, which would result from the simultaneous contraction of all the fibres: and this is conformable to facts; for there are instances where the tendon of achilles and the patella of the knee have been rent asunder by the mere force of natural action in the muscles attached to them: but no such indications of force and violence have ever happened from convulsive contractions. I was called to visit another in conjunction with Mr. The softer kinds are called anime.

Bull, in an pass down the thigh, and very closely imitate a j)Soas abscess. He repeatedly observed that au increase in the number of cases of the disease coincided with an increase in the auunint of ozone in the air. Two of the fifteen cases have not been examined since.

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