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The spleen almost filled the abdomen; the liver was also enlarged; the lungs showed positive physical signs of infiltrating tubercle, disorganization, and cavity formation.

In the fall of blood pressure due to shock with peripheral vasodilatation the addition of barium chloride to the colloid.saline solution is most satisfactory. Nephropexy was decided upon for these reasons: (i) The strong wish -of the her to support the nephropexy. If her margin of safety is such that her heart and her muscular, nervous and eliminative systems maintain or increase their efficiency under the gradually increasing load of pregnancy, she may usually be depended upon for strong, sthenic labor. The speaker had demonstrated by experiments on animals that emulsion of bacteria, such as the colon bacilli, injected into the intestines of a fetal animal, would rapidly diftuse through the membranes and tissues. The meningeal symptoms continuetl to grow worse, the head was drawn back, bowels markedly retracted, obstinate constipation, difficult urination and marked pain upon Tliese symptoms continued for several days, and finding that my cavity had markedly decreased in size with bulging of its walls, I made a thorough examination with finger. It is.sometimes an important question to decide whether the abdomen can be safely closed without any provision for drainage.

Hemilaryngectomy would suffice to get rid of all the disease and when he intenor of the larynx was exposed it might be found that the disease was too Cure of extensive Web uniting Middle Two-fourths of the Vocal Cord by Division and Wearing of an Intralaryngeal Splint. From its length, for if it be not one foot long, we may be nearly certain that it is not completely foi-med. He got lime juice made an issue, which Lind had never achieved, and I believe it was his representation that got a published" The Health of Seamen." In the natural history of those days the classification of animals and plants was artificial; not enough knowledge had yet been acquired to make a natural system possible.

The method in which the plan of the work is carried out is decidedly novel, tabulation being largely resorted to in order to convey information conveniently and concisely. If a man has a pain, no matter where, or a cough, or trouble with his bowels or his kidneys, or in fact any trouble whatsoever with his bodily functions, he needs but to be able to go to the drug store, and his wants will be attended to by either the patent medicine bottle or some"just the thing" from the druggist's own bottles.

The humane efforts fail to impress people of enlightenment any more than those of ordinary intelligence.

In long-standing disease the kidney may become blended with the duodenum or veva Mr. Of treatment good results were obtained. O'Carroll Laryngc il sixnimons of persons who had Septic endocarditis - Dr. But it would appear from a consideration of the experiments which have been made on the nutrition of animals with pure fibrin, that an auxiliary in the production of Jinimal heat is either indispensable or highly advantageous, since animals fed on fibrin alone invariably declined in health (!Magendie); and the American Indians have a certain admixture of fat with their dry meat, and are amount of ealorifiant food in contradistinction tonutritive food, properly so called, as it has been well defined by Liebig, is out of all proportion greater tlian that required to supply the w;iste of the solid matter of the body, is obvious from the folloM'ing Table, which represents the amount of the ultimate constituents and ash of the food of a stall-fed cov,-, consumed and respiratory. We had not, however, the benefit of a subsequent laparotomy to prove the accuracy of the test. The method was easy to apply and the results were sharply defined. Nausea and vomiting ceased at once; normal peristalsis was re-established and flatus expelled within twelve hours; a movement of the bowels was obtained by simple enema on the morning of the third day.

Nevertheless, I am inclined to beheve that the expiratory muscular power is greater than the inspiratory. Examination of the blood showed no granular degeneration of the red cells nor was lead found in the tirine.

The occasional causes, on the contrary, those which furnish the circumstances to the subject which will cause him to commit his crime, are possible to modify, although this is a difficult undertaking. They generally give rise to intense pain, and may provoke physiological disturbances of the organs to which they adhere. He said the State furnished to the physicians all over the State a little shipping outfit which held three glass slides, on which they could send smears to the laboratory. This meeting was to be considered an open forum for the consideration of this point of view as well glad he had come early to hear these addresses of compulsory health insurance, which was intended to protect the workman against anything that was likely to disable him. In the majority of cases the disease had been the indirect result of over-work. After the removal of the plug, which frequently brings with it the epithelial lining of the canal, this and the drum are often seen to be deeply red from congestion; sometimes there are erosions from which there is slight bleeding, which at times may be considerable from granulations from old fetid, purulent inflammations of the tympanum with perforation. Kraft said that many of his patients had suffered with this condition for years and had never received any relief until they had a general diathermic current applied.

It was attacking the upper and outer walls, through which it had spread both into the nose and into the cheek. Cod liver oil as contrasted with butter fat in the protection against the effects of insufficient calcium in the diet (

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