But to give the scheme a proper locus standi these men ought to be invited to take part in the movement. Standard reference books and journals, including Jahresbericht der Agrikultur Chemie, Coptes Rendus, Biedermann's Centralblatt, Annals dc la Science Agronomique and Versuchs-Stationen, are provided for the advanced work in agricultural chemistry. In the case of the colon we allow our patients, especially our female patients, to believe that even one slight daily evacuation suffices, and permit them to continue contentedly on their constipated course, laden with ptomaines and leucomaines in which the Bacillus coU communis I do not know whether Franzensbad had arrived at a realisation of the powerful factor which the purgative waters supplied to its success as a"ladies' spa"; but this I do know, that the two French spas, Plombieres and Chatel-Guyon, which concern themselves very specially with the colon, have of recent years been emphasising the good effects which their method of intestinal lavage produces in chronic disorders of the female pelvic organs, and there is no doubt that Buxton, Harrogate, But there are"ladies' spas" which have something more to offer than purgation and intestinal lavage. The round and polygonal cells lie at a considerable distance from one another; they have a relatively abundant, spongy protoplasm, and a small, deeply stained nucleus.

In the case of the sick man, the"fireworks" of empiricism and quackery possess no attractions; he feels in his soul that the truth does not exist in senationalism, froth and bubbles, and he seeks the solidity of the"reg ular profession," trained to the truth and away from mere experiment, and the glamor of"Getrich-quick" medical concerns exploiting barrels of universal specifics of"rapid-cure treatments." There are two phases of self-preservation, one pertains to the patient and the other to the phy sician. Yet careful examination showed him to be a case of dementia praccox of the paranoid type, suffering from auditory hallucinations, and considerably deteriorated. The datas for examinations in anatomy, physiology, histology and chemistry, for students having conditions, and applicants for advanced standing in those branches, will be held Attendance upon all lectures, and infirmary and laboratory hours as scheduled is obligatory. He recog! two groups, the subacute or chronic, and the acute fulminating cases.

We felt it difficult to know whether to admire most the g-entleman's rapidity and decision in diagnosis, or his promptness and energy in making that diagnosis known to the public. In a few days nineteen persons have died of the epidemic at Old Brentford. This test is of high degree of stringency and is comparable with one employed for some time, which consists in mixing the ether with a solution of vanadic acid; the green solution is changed in the presence of peroxides to varying shades of brown The chief of these is acetaldehyde, which is a hquid of a suffocating odour. Fust, continual close breeding, which has a tendency to lessen vitality, produce a scrofulous condition of body, which includes food, quarters, and general management.

The translation appears to have been done well and carefully, the translator adding footnotes of his own, and in some cases not scrupling to advance arguments against the views expressed in the text.

The large tumors Seem to be composed of two or more smaller ones which have increased in size till they have come in contact with each other and have united.

Examinations for Positions on County Hospital service eligible list, and will be assigned places on the staff when vacancies occur.

Three hours a week, first semester, third year. If it originates from restricted range and unheathfnl climatic conditions, it is certainly in the east that we should expect to hear of its originating and proving most disastrous; but it was known in the mountains as early as in the other parts of the State. Or Three to five drops of tincture of nux vomica at meal-time is well suited to most all forms of dyspepsia. As chamomile is a tonic to the stomach, and has the power of improving the appetite and digestion, and at the same time is a harmless nervine, tending to quiet the nerves and promote sleep, it might be made to fill a very important place in medical practice. Histology and embryology, college of homeopathic medicine and surgery. This affection, or a tendency to it, seems to be present sometimes without any subjective symptoms. Antisyphilitic treatment was continued for some months, when she larynx was healthy, but showed clearly the ravages of the disease. The death-rate of tuberculosis has decreased years, but the pneumonia death-rate has increased at a little more rapid ratio than the tuberculosis death-rate has declined, and Dr.

The practice of the National Hospital for Paralysis, and that of the Royal Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital, can be attended by General Students ot this School without further fee.

A change of surroundings, rest, a liberal diet, and tonic medicines, are all valuable in removing the condition. Cases in illustration are given.