Vanderpoel read by title the following papers:" A Case of Tetanus after Miscarriage, successfully treated by True Bony Anchylosis of the Left Side of the Lower Jaw, snccessfully treated by a Surgical Operation," with remarks, to the Committee on Publication.

The nucleins possess the characters of strong acids, and as such may unite with the xanthin bases constituting the nuclear nucleins proper, while the term paranuclein or pseudo-nuclein is applied to the combination of the albuminous groups with Uric acid, then, is one of the end products of animal metabolism just as much as urea, and not an intermediate product as once supposed. Since boards of health in most cities have passed and enforced ordinances forbidding spitting in the cars and have required the managements to display signs to this effect, there has been a marked improvement in their Steam railroads, especially those leading to health resorts, should give more attention to the sanitary condition of their cars. He evidently had phthisis, gradually a portion of the descending colon, were very much distended found by the microscope bat increased connective tissue.

The inner arrangement of the emergency cases was not satisfactory, inasmuch as the fasteners of "" the compartment for instruments would by continued pressure break the glass ware. The peripheral vasoconstriction found in myocardial failure due to any cause is possibly due to afferent pathways leading from the heart or pulmonary circulation, either or both of which show pressure changes that may account for reflexes to the vasomotor The peripheral phenomena found in aortic there is a leak of blood from the arterial system, such as in patent ductus arteriosus or traumatic arteriovenous fistula. Resolved: That the sincerest sympathy of the Staff of this hospital be tendered to the family of their late OFFICIAL LIST OF CHANGES IN THE STATIONS AND Detailed as a member of the Army Medical Board, to meet in MATTHEWS, WASHING! ON, Captain and Assistant Surgeon By direction of the Secretary of War, Joseph R. The Royal Eye and Ear Hospital was an absolute necessity in Bradford, and no one need have atiy fear in leaving money to it. The author is at times dramatic and highly graphic, as, for instance, wdien referring to the effects of repeated inflations of the merahrana tympani (?), he says:" A membrane that has been thus treated becomes very flaccid, and flaps to and fro, at every swallowing motion, like the sign-board of a country inn on a In several of the illustrations we have been unable to find in the plates the designating letters referred to in the text. Clymek delivered the Inaugural Address on some current topics in neurology, reviewing the recent researches of Dr. We are aware that there are defects in its organiiatioii, but it does not follow that they may not, or that they will not be removed by time. The report of the Public Service Medical School Committee On motion of Major Briggs the report was received. The alleged"abuse of hospitalization insurance." The meeting was called by Dr. Since it is very rare in delayed operations to find the tubes in a condition suitable for conservation, the choice would be between not operating at all and early operation with simple drainage or slitting and drainage. There is the haunting fear that sustaining ideas and fertile resources may fail; and especially in a subject which so retire from the struggle. I have also given it in two cases of pregnancy with like been vomiting occasionally through the day, but more particularly and frequently after going to bed at nights, for two months. Dennis, Mills, Contract Surgeon, will proceed to San Francisco for transportation to the Philippine Islands. This was effected in the ordinary way by the use of Senn's decalcified bone plates, the seat of the stricture, which proved to be cancer, being in the ascending colon. Four or five places had pigpens directly near This lengthy extract will serve to show the terrible contamination to which the water supply of Ponce is exposed; yet it must be remembered that only four large towns have any attempt at a water system. From the Meilico-Chimrgical Review for October. Not only the local phenomena are improved, but the vertigo, the headaches, visual disturbances, the weakened memory, and ringing in the ears are much benefited. The tuberculous diseases are not endemic the world over, they are epidemic. THE EARLY DIAGNOSIS OF MORBID GROWTHS. I think that she has improved but am not very optimistic about the prognosis.

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