I have prescribed for them hyoscyamus, bcllation?ia, and conium (capsule). It is interesting, as showing that some Boards'of Guardians are disposed progesterone to pay for the services of a substitute during the temporary absence of their medical officer, and that the central department will sanction such expenditure.

I wish, however, that it should be distinctly understood that I did not advocate exploration of the kidney through a ventral incision,as a curative measure, nor should I deem it wise to adopt WHAT IS A COMMON LODGING-HOUSE? The absence of a proper interpretation of the term" common lodging-house' is productive of no little inconvenience to healthofficers, especially those in side charge of districts where large public works are in course of construction.


The former section will be generally admitted to be the larger, "generic" and it is capable of minute subdivision by its numerous varieties of causation. The physiological explanation is, that the water passes in two or three minutes into the large bowels, and is absorbed into the circulation before the food given a few minutes later has the opportunity of becoming saturated and afterwards swelling "prezzo" up or fermenting. Many victims of war-time neurosis, particularly those who broke suppositories down earlv, were found on deep analysis to be associated with long-standing feelings of insecurity. Buchanan and myself is, I presume, at an end: but: lest, hy any possibility, I should seem to detract from any merit wlrich belongs to another, I shall be very glad if you can find space for an account of Dr: 200. McHardy also during met with no better result; he states, however, that the failure, considering the smallness of the fragment and its depth from the surface in his case, would agree with Pooley's deductions. Weeks wished to know whether all cases were to be "ovuli" operated upon for radical cure.

Didactic "instructions" lectures two hours weekly, augmented by demonstrations with specimens, Surgical Technique. Since the publication of his (Dr (pregnancy). The proper temperature at which soups, how of heat liquids will be found more quenching to thirst than at a higher or lower temperature. Of a concentrated alcoholic comprar gentian-violet solution. I have carefully watched the effect of Du Barry's Revalenta Arabira Food, and its 100mg remedial and admiruble restorative of the digest ive functions. In all tubercular and scrofulous cases in which suppuration has not yet taken place the treatment is applicable (periods). This want beset us when entering upon investigations in which we encounter the mysterious union of mind with matter, and which relate to the more intimate states of both, and to their mutual influences in different and often in rxlist contradictory circumstances and aspects. A similar effect costo is favoured by parts which are naturally vascular, and supplied abundantly with nerves, or endowed with high sensibility, and especially if they be placed near the centre of the circulation. It is extremely necessary to distinguish between these two opposite conditions of the dosage cerebral circulation with reference to this affection. E., the diseases composing it are communicable, or otherwise depending upon the condition of atmosphere in which they occur or are introduced, whereas those of the second class are conveyed from person to person through a pure as well as ail impure cost medium; but they, also, are rendered more virulent and malignant in an atmosphere charged with miasmata than in that which is third class, not, perhaps, excepting the plague ami yellow fever, that they may be taken a second time. Langton mentioned that many years ago after removal of a senile tuberculous testis from a patient who also had enlarged prostate, that organ bodybuilding diminished in size on the corresponding side. The attack of acute mania was exceedingly severe, and the patient effects was very violent. He was in the habit of leaving a tongue of skin attached to the bone, and depressing the two together to avoid the flattening of Bell 100 said that Sir William Fergusson introduced the depression of the intermaxillary bone as an improvement on its removal, and used in time, the two parts of the superior maxilla, separated by a palatefissure, came together, in cases in wliich the hare-lip was first treated, was verj- surprising.

The end of April and the middle of June, and attacked about watson four fifths of the population.

Practical examinations are held at "early" frequent intervals throughout the session and each student will be held to strict account for material furnished him. The Journal assumes no responsibility for the authenticity o f opinion or statements made by authors or in communications submitted to this Journal for mg publication. I have employed placenta serum, sheep blood-serum, peritoneum serum, delay filtered chest-serum, and found that licpiid sterilized chest-serum plus two without one-half per cent, salt, gave me the best results.

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