In Table I t wUl be symptoms ran their course, with a rapidity slightly (as in Table I) or markedly (as in Table III) accelerated by the treatment; healthy rabbit is placed in a hot-air bath which is, to begin with' at the temperature of the room, and rapidly, that is within thirty, I heart also being accelerated, and the temperature of the body rising to a vafiable height, usually one-half or more degree..

If the pellets are used give six at a dose. When we stretch out farther into the hidden land, and strive to locate the various phases of thought, the will, the intellect, we must deal in individual hypothesis, which will difl'er in the direction of each investigator's bias. Not all of these symptoms will be noticeable, but most of them can be observed in most cases.

It is of positive value in certain forms of dysmenorrhcea; it has served me well in the pleuritic pains of advancing pneumonia and in the arthralgias of acute rheumatism; on several occasions I have been able to allay with it the lightning, lancinating pains of locomotor ataxia; but nowhere do I employ it with such confidence as in the neuralgias limited to the area of distribution of the fifth nerve. Loud noisy respirations would now come on, and the cyanosis would disappear, to be followed by deep sleep and the same round of sj-mptoms. As the spray and carbolic lotion were still being used, it was thought the redness might be due to carbolic irritation; the woimd was consequently syringed out with a solution of iodine and the spray left off. In that case he made an oblique incision throng: the linea alba for the purpose of drainage, and it succeeded ad collect. In such cases the tinnitus is obviously due to the fact that the atmospheric pressure is rendered unequal, in consequence of which the drum is driven inward by the pressure of the air through the external auditory canal. Marston Ihimself would be the first to give a reason for this, to wit, incaIpacity. The Education Board of University College, Dundee, have petitioned in favour of the Bill, expressing regret if any change is made endangering the proposals for extending the area of university education in Scotland, whether by tlie recognition of extramural teaching or by the affiliation or incorporation of other the Dundee College. Owen, Ile-'vas inclined to think that Dr. Ravenel received his degree from the student, caring little for worldly honors, and pursued his work con amove. This young lady was seventeen years of age.

Iodine liniment relieves the pain to some extent. I can tell Norwood's had no experience with the fluid extract. If it is impossible to obtain macerated meal feed a tablespoonful of calcium phosphate Location of Various Diseases of the Horse A blemish on a horse is something that, mars the beauty but does not detract from the usefulness of the individual. Frequently, but not constantly, the cervical glands are enlarged, and occasionally, also, the occipital and supraclavicular glands. The soil and subsoil are loose; contamination occurs both by surface drainage and from soakage. On the left the author, kneehng on one knee with a Bible in the left hand, and under the figure"Effigies authoris." On the right the open jaws of a monstrous beast, representing hell. The spores are definitely arranged in asci; and Physomycetes, which comprise several species of mould-plants which grow in fermenting substances, and some of the minute parts of cultivated plants. The tobacco must also be well impregnated with saltpetre, which will facilitate its combustion and the development of smoke. With the symptoms of a common cold, as chilliness, followed by a fever, cough, rapid breathing, feeling of pain and soreness at the upper part of the breast-bone, breathing very much oppressed, quick and irregular, constriction and tightness or oppression of the chest, the air-passages at first dry, with painful cough. I have used the whole round of disinfectants for cancerous ulcers, but all have failed in allaying the foetor and keeping the ulcer clean. A horse effected with this form of colic in a severe case goes through all the symptoms of pain a horse knows how to exhibit.

And the need of this seems all the more called for in view of opinions expressed, the past year, in certain quarters, affirming the harmless oharaoter well accredited facts, and should not be allowed to pass uncontradicted. Winslow's studies of water supplies j his services in the selection of the water supp made him a most valuable member of this depai has the confidence of those of the profession wl of his acquaintance, and has held for some yea State Society.

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