( I Through no fault of the county society officers, Dr.

It was an early symptom in only two cases.

Kelly, first described by him in the.lolms Hopkins princiiiles of this method are: mucosa, either by means of direct light, such as a little electric light attached to the forehead or the mouth of tlie sppculiim, or by means of a strong light reflected by'I'lii- vii'W iif tlic bladder iil)laiiii(l in this way is a infoduce various instruments with ease. Until we can get the final reports on these cases we can draw few conclusions as to the value of the different Dr. The witness, questioned by Dr. For five years she had been obliged to get up to empty her bladder many times during the night, and during the exacerbations of her symptoms, which occurred at the menstrual periods, she was unable to hold her urine longer than half an hour. Priestley should be founded: that it should embrace three a student of science at some public scientific institution, the would be required for these objects.

William Van Dusen to take up his residence here, but apparently the arrangement was unsatisfactory, for Dr.

(h) When the army lay before Boston, the smallpox frequently made its appearance in it, owing to the number of persons who came out of that city with the infection upon them, which endangered the spreading of the contagion amongst our troops. Michaelmas and Lent Terms: Human anatomy and physiology, anatomical demonstrations and dissections, physics and chemistry.

Indeed it is our impression that some committees should spend more money, provided it is done commensurate with increased interest and efficiency. The Prince's illness seems to date from the visit which he paid to Lord Londesborough at Ms villa, near Scarborough.

The preventive remedy and the ie the vehicles for diffusing germs of contagion. The object we desired to attain was a reduction in the immediate and remote mortality of some of the more severely wounded, heretofore considered function, and later insure maximum pulmonary inflation and elasticity." Yates' philosophy differed radically from that of most of the prominent operators, in that he tried to get full physiological expansion at the first operation, while all previous experimenters had proceeded upon the assumption that the lung should be put at rest by artificial means. Physicians should not suggest questions of medicolegal importance to the patient; suggestions that serious injury is present or has been narrowly escaped should be avoided if possible.

Terrier was one not of hammer-toe but of pes cavus, a condition well described by M.

"When there is an insullieieni siqiply of food to the body as a whole, or if the fluids of the body are not adecpiately restored, a geni-ral atrophy of the body takes place. The audior was led by this experience to make some experiments upon decapitated frogs, injecting cocaine into the cloaca and then dipping the toes into solutions of sulphuric acid of varying strengths.

I took it for granted that his strength was increased as he could not have done so else; for a man in a low nervous fever, entirely insensible, and barely still alive, can by no means change his dorsal to a lateral decubitus. Occa sionally they may be pedunculated and appear to grow from the bladder mucosa. The throat symptoms cleared up in the course of a few days.

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