In other experiments this power was found capable of raising thirty-two and a half inches of mercury, or thirty-five feet five inches and three quarters of water; and thirty-eight inches of mercury, or forty-three feet tliree inches and one third of water. -At the same time, so far.as I am able to understand the Committee's object, it is right I should state that the Court of Aldermen have no And in consequence a petition hai been prepared, of whic'i the following is a copy. Charcot, that, when an acute bed-sore forms in cases of cerebral hemiplegia, it is invariably at the same side as the paralysed limbs. RoLLESTON asked if the duties of the Council with respect to Dr. MRI also depicts the contents of the orbit. This is brought about by the combined action of accommodation and convergence. If, for instance, you have one of the glands of the ingcTinal phalanx diseased, you may so on; but if it be in the lower tow, it may arise from ulcers in the leg. The evidence that we are only upon the verge of medical knowledge lies in the fact that very few men have even begun to translate the meaning of skin disease in its relation to allergy, and that translation will be far simpler than translation of symbols belonging to brain and nerve disturbances. Large fctons, or ifiues, may be fet, as perpetual drains to the In fcropliulous cafes of long (landing, fulphurcous waters, as thofc of llarrovvgate, MofFat, and Liandridod, have been laid to be highly beneficial j but, in order to accomplifli a cure, there iiill it is frequently found that all thelc various methods fail, and nothing, except the removal into a warm climate, will fo With regard to all external applications, thofe of the aftringent and liimulant clafs are the beft, fuch as water of acetated vellels, and give fiimnefs to the parts already in too great a fla:e of relaxation. Much time (about three hours) was therefore lost, before any effectual measures could be adopted for liis rehef. In the majority of cases of chronic bronchitis, also, the sputum is of a similar character.

The guild comprises an order of brothers and associate communicants of the Anglo-Catholic Church in every land, with priests as chaplains whenever their services are required.

Just coiisidorod wo aro able to cleaiiKO or to niedicato tho inuc-imH of nitrate of silver, chloride of zinc, or carbolic acid. He is simply thought to be queer when he speaks of that he really means it. If we accept these data as correct, we are inevitably lorced to the conclusion that many of the so-called"anemic" murmurs are of mitral origin, whether they reach th; mitral area at the It may be urged that I have simply reported a series of cases which apparently grade into one another, and that it is a mere assumption on my part that they have a common origin. HOWARD'S A SHORT time since, I had an opportunity of testing, in two cases of asphyxia, the value of Dr. In this case the positive test for desmin confirms that the tumor was derived from muscle, while the positive myoglobin stain points to a striated rather than smooth muscle etiology. Cubism, as a particular form of PostImpressionism, began with Picasso. All apartments recently occupied by tubercular patients should be disinfected by the health authorities. It appears to be a form of disease resulting from the generation of a morbid poison in the system, and manifesting itself in diffuse subcutaneous inflammation of a low and cachectic nature, affecting primarily the skin and subcutaneous areolar tissue, and afterwards involving all the subjacent parts more or less according to their different susceptibihties. Barker, Peaslec, and Luck, had used morphia extensively in midwifery practice, and had yet failed to patient took upwards of thirty drops of Magendie's solution on the day of her confinement, and for ten days previously, and the child was active and lively at birth.

Near the pylorus we observed a very curious and beautiful appearance; the mucous membrane was here, as in other parts, of a purplish-red colour, marked in many places by rings of a white colour, and perfectly circular, and about half an inch in diameter. Sulphur and arsenical waters have been extensively used in France for this purpose, and it is stated that relief has often followed their employment. They have also addressed the Duke of Richmond and the General Medical Council on this subject. In hsemo- and hydropneumothorax the fluid should in every case be left undisturbed for a considerable period until closure of the fistula has taken place.


At the lower end of the scale the error is much larger, and the results are very unreliable when this portion of the scale is in use. The indorsement of this measure by the conference of state boards has been, has been identified with its advocacy on the part of the American Public Health Association and the American Medical Association, to the presidency for the ensuing year. One very eloquent writer, and former orator to this Society, says that'' we may trust argument to use; for no man taking s'imulants can be himself aware of all the harm that they may be doing to his constitution, or know the time when they may become cumulative. Callender, who was ready to perform amputation if his colleagues thought it would increase the slender chances of recovery which the patient had. The superficial forms of ethmoid suppuration and bone disease are, however,- in my experience very much more common than the suppurations of the maxillary antrum.

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