In the author's clinic, using the Pulfrich immersion refractometer. A typical case of achondroplasia was easily differentiated from a case of rickets or cretinism. He was (To he continued in the June issue) Recently a well-known minister, addressing his congregation on what he termed the beautiful and just as in music the overtones lend color and appeal to the selection, so in daily life they contribute largely to the enjoyment of living.

Probably the most important of these is the continuous warm bath, which humane appliance has largely superseded the older, less humane methods of restraint in hospitals for the insane. Intravenous injections of ten per cent, salt solution have been used with great benefit. Severely Impaired Audition in Childhood, by from the fourth to the eighth year often results in loss of speech notwithstanding didactic eft'orts, whereas after the seventh year deafness seldom leads to mutism. Another approach is to the division of the right pulmonary artery through an incision outside of the vena cava superior. The case mentioned by John is an instance. Cellular pathology was not a dogma, a doctrine, or a theory, but a great principle which admitted of endless development.

Hirchf elder, also, has a method, which consists in the administration of five minims of the fluid extract three times a day until the pulse rate falls beloW eighty, after which it is discontinued without the necessity of a special order. He places at the disposal of the busy practitioner an opportunity to gain insight in a few hours into diabetic problems that all too many busy doctors never adequately mastered. The tubercle bacillus had been found in a good many of the reported cases, but these had not been included under the classification of Hodgkin's disease. The method is based on the experiments of acid albumin is produced.

Further, one is never certain that the opening of the ordinary stomach-tube lies below the level of the contents.

His unfailing kindness and thoughtfulness, his friendly interest and wise advice so freely and generously given, meant more to some of us than words can express. On Sunday Canon Eytou denounced" so-called Christian science" from the pulpit in Westminster Abbey. This preparation will doubtless, in some form or other, soon enter the regular channels of the wholesale drug trade, and will be best put up in four-ounce bottles for physicians' use and in pints for hospitals. An increase in patients might enable the hospital to make expenses, instead of operating at a loss as it had during the last year, they pointed out. This fact alone, I believe, is responsible for the incorrect labeling of themselves open to prosecution for failing to report a case of contagion, and supply the evidence offer the afflicted seemingly more liberal treatment, the least inconvenience and publicity commensurate with the safeguarding of the family and the public, and there will Ije fewer unreported cases and the solution of a difficult problem. More than one hypodermic injection may The room should be warm and not too light. All cases are kept on the same chart so that comparison can be made from day to day. In the ground floor lecture hall to the left of the exhibit hall.


Ble was reported to have been graduated from HISTORY OF MEDICINE IN MINNESOTA one of the best medical institutions in the country, and also to have served Berghold to go in Avith him in building a hospital.

Between this tumor and the tip, the lumen was patent for the distance of one cm.

I incised the nodule in the liver and evacuated about a teaspoonful of clear fluid. Abbe, to infection of the skin by too vigorous cleansing methods employed previous to the operation, nor did he regard that as a very likely cause of recurrence.